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149 Arrested After Viral TikTok Video Draws THOUSANDS To Huntington Beach For Massive Party

149 Arrested After CHAOTIC TikTok Party Was Attended By THOUSANDS In Huntington Beach


Around 2,500 people attended a Huntington Beach party over the weekend — — and during a pandemic no-less — leading to 149 arrests by police!

The huge bash, dubbed “Adrian’s Birthday Kick Back,” went viral on TikTok Saturday, with many users in the comments section claiming they would be travel across the country just to get a glimpse of the beach festivities! According to CBS Los Angeles, an emergency curfew was set in place from 11:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Sunday morning to break up the chaotic gathering…

Still, many did not disperse, and 149 partygoers were arrested for charges of vandalism, firing dangerous/illegal fireworks, failure to disperse, and violation of curfew. Of those under arrest, 121 were adults and 28 were juveniles.

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While it’s unclear just how far everyone traveled to attend the bash, the outlet spoke to one young man who made the trip from Stockton, CA. For those unfamiliar, that’s a nearly six hour drive! His reason?

“Police trying to f**k our little turn up. Man, we’ve been in a pandemic, stuck and all that. We tryna have a little fun out here. I ain’t even from down here, but I came down here, I heard about the party, you know? I’m tryna get turned and all that.”

Another girl made her 20th birthday plans to coincide with the viral party, telling a reporter:

“It’s like don’t you remember when you were young? You just want to go and have fun, have parties, and we kind of lost that this year because of COVID.”

At least you didn’t lose your lives!

Now with more and more people getting vaccinated, normal life is beginning to make its return — finally! That still doesn’t mean it’s okay for THOUSANDS to gather unmasked and not socially distanced! It’s as if these social media users learned nothing from the last year and a half. Super spreaders are not what we need right now!

Thankfully, no significant injuries were reported by police. Though with the way fireworks were being thrown at cars and into the streets once curfew was set in place, the party really could have gotten way out of hand.

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For some locals, the chaotic event caused lots of damage, as Kandie Gonzalez of Peace Sol and Succulents told a reporter:

“Hundreds of dollars of stuff was stolen, damaged, plants are all over. Cracked vases are all over. It’s just sad. Some may say it’s not a big deal, but to be honest, it is a big deal…no accountability at all.”

In a press statement, authorities agreed with the damage, adding:

“Multiple downtown businesses, numerous police vehicles and a lifeguard tower suffered damage due to vandalism.”

Insane to see how a viral video could cause such hysteria in real life! After the rough year it’s been, it’s sad to see a community suffer at the cost of a problematic party… as TikTokers were seen taking selfies with police cars. SMH.

Check out some insane footage of the gathering (below)!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via CBS Los Angeles]

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