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Illinois Woman Arrested For Using Fake Vaccine Card To Get Into Hawaii -- It Read 'MADERNA' Instead Of Moderna!

illinois woman arrested for using fake vaccine card to get into hawai'i

The lengths people will go to remain unvaccinated is still SO baffling to us.

Take Illinois native Chloe Mrozak: the 24-year-old was arrested in Hawaii all because she presented a FAKE COVID-19 vaccination card in order to circumvent the state’s travel restrictions. All the major islands currently require a ten-day quarantine for unvaccinated travelers, but apparently, Chloe felt she deserved to skip that and endanger fellow travelers and native Hawaiians… and she thought she could swindle her way into the state.

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Sadly, the criminal mastermind didn’t actually do a very good job pulling off her scheme. According to local news channel KHON2, the Safe Travels Program administrator “reported a possible fraudulent COVID vaccination card after Mrozak uploaded and presented the card to the airport screener.” One big indication her card was a fake? It listed her shot as “MADERNA” instead of “Moderna.”

Special Agent William Lau of the Department of the Attorney General told the outlet:

“That’s one indication, as well as other things that in the card they thought it was suspicious and as part of being suspicious they did an excellent job of notifying us.”

Other red flags? Vaccine locations listed as “NRA” and “SSG Money” (bizarre!) as well as listing the state she was vaccinated in as Delaware… despite living in Illinois. Lau confirmed:

“The AG Quarantine Compliance Team conducted its investigations contacted the appropriate state that does the vaccination and determined there was no record of the suspect that had been vaccinated.”

Chloe also allegedly lied about which hotel she was staying in during her visit, nor did she provide her hotel reservation number or return flight information, per KHON2. Unfortunately, she was able to leave the processing center, so investigators had to track her down based on a “distinctive tattoo on her left hip” and the hunch that she would return to the mainland on the same airline (Southwest). Lau said:

“It was a joint effort that we were able to locate her, and found out when she was leaving even though she was evasive about her lodging location.”

Chloe was arrested at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and was unable to post bail, which was set at $2,000. According to local ABC affiliate KITV4, “If convicted, she faces up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.”

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Frankly, we’re still boggled that people would PAY for a vaccine card and risk PRISON TIME rather than just get the vaccine, which is free (and safe!). And by the way, Hawaii’s governor David Ige requested that visitors delay all non-essential travel through October, so that’s another strike against Chloe (though not one that will end up on her permanent record). The absolute entitlement to not only remain staunchly anti-vax, but to try to sneak into a state currently experiencing a coronavirus surge just so you can have a vacation is truly sickening.

Please, people, just get the vaccine. We promise it’s better than prison time. But if you’re really going to be stubborn about it, just do us all a favor and stay home.

[Image via Hawaii Department of Public Safety]

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