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Chris Benoit

Is The WWE Partly To Blame???

The ex-wife of Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on Hannity & Colmes Thursday night – in the wake of the Benoit tragedy – and she leveled some serious allegations against Vince McMahon and the WWE.
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From Impact Wrestling:
The FOX News show Hannity & Colmes devoted a lot of time to the Chris Benoit story tonight.
– Debra Marshall, the ex-wife of Steve Austin, appeared on the show and really continued to paint a horrific picture of Steve Austin as a steroid user and wife beater.
– She said that she has seen Austin do steroids.
– She said that wrestling is a very hush-hush business and that everyone in WWE knew that Austin was beating her but nobody stepped in because Austin was the company’s top star.
– She said she knows that steroids had a lot to do with Austin’s attacks on her.
– She said that WWE basically forced her to not say anything about Austin abusing her because, again, Austin was their top star.
– She said that WWE is trying to downplay the connection between Benoit and steroids because they are good at deflecting heat off themselves. She recounted an incident where she believes that Austin attacked her during a steroid rage, saying he pounded her and that his eyes looked like they would bug out of his head. She called the incident the most horrifying thing she has ever seen. She said that when she finally was able to call the cops, Austin ripped out the phone lines, unplugged the garage door opener, and basically tried to lock her in the house.
– Superstar Billy Graham appeared on the show and said that Vince McMahon and WWE are not responsible for this tragedy, comparing it to whether the San Francisco Giants would be responsible if Barry Bonds killed somebody. He said that these are grown men and they have to be accountable for themselves. He also downplayed roid rage, saying he has been using steroids since 1967.
– An in-staff analysis stated that Vince McMahon got himself into trouble by issuing a press release downplaying the role of steroids in this tragedy before anybody was even blaming steroids. The analysis wondered why WWE would be so defensive in the first place. The analysis also said that when you hogtie your wife and strangle her to death, that is rage.
– They briefly discussed the mysterious Wikipedia post situation.
– Debra said that Billy Graham has not been on the receiving end of steroid rage. She said that Austin to this day doesn’t even think he did anything to her. After being pushed a bit, Graham admitted that his wife has been on the receiving end of his rage from steroids and other drugs, but said that Benoit tested negative for steroids. Debra said he tested negative back in April and could have been on them now.

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