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James Kennedy Finally Talks Near-Physical Altercation With Tom Sandoval At VPR Reunion!

James Kennedy Addresses VPR Reunion Fight With Tom Sandoval

James Kennedy seems to have zero regrets about almost getting into a physical altercation with Tom Sandoval during the Vanderpump Rules reunion!

As you may know, reports came out in March that things got so heated during filming for the season 10 reunion that host Andy Cohen had to step in to separate two cast members after they almost got into a physical altercation. There were a lot of guesses as to which cast member it could have been – with many speculating it was either James and Tom Schwartz or Sandoval and the DJ.

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And finally, the explosive reunion trailer revealed that it was James who went OFF on Sandoval while discussing the 40-year-old’s months-long affair with Raquel Leviss. The reunion trailer showed Sandoval — AKA the “worm with a mustache” — warning the 31-year-old that he “will f**k you up motherf**ker” if he got in his “face again.” James then sprung out of his seat and rushed toward Tom, saying:

“I will f**k you up so quickly, Tom.”

It’s wild. You can see a little sneak peek of the near-fight (below):



Of course, we don’t know why James and Sandoval almost came to blows at this time. We will have to wait to learn what happens when the moment airs in the next three weeks. But according to James, there was a good reason for him to nearly get into a fight with Sandoval. He addressed the near brawl for the first time in an interview with E! News at the Vanderpump Dogs Gala on May 18, saying:

“There was enough for me to get heated about. I’ve been working a lot on my anger recently, but like, that was just a bit too much. I had to get it out that day. Because if not, when else am I gonna get the chance? You know?”

It comes as no surprise James had so much rage at the reunion. During the season finale this week, viewers saw James confess on camera that he wasn’t mainly upset with his ex-fiancée Raquel for the affair. Instead, it was Sandoval, someone he “looked up to” and considered a close friend, he was really mad at. And now after the restaurant owner betrayed him by hooking up with Raquel? James tearfully shared that their friendship was pretty much over. Oof. But that attitude seems to be the same for the majority of the cast. Ariana Madix has repeatedly stated she will not film with Raquel or Sandoval. Some of her co-stars, including Scheana Shay, have expressed they weren’t willing to be friends or work with the pair either.

Since everyone (understandably) is not on good terms with Sandoval and Raquel, what will the show look like now? How does production move forward with season 11? Should fans be worried about the beloved show? Well, James doesn’t think viewers should be too concerned. In fact, he told E! News that “it’s still gonna be thriving” even if the cast doesn’t interact with Sandoval and Raquel:

“We’re all still friends, I’m still talking to [Tom] Schwartz. Sandoval made a big boo boo and Raquel never really contributed much to the show regardless. So, I’m not doubting the show. I think it’s still gonna be thriving. There’s only one Vanderpump Rules.”

Well, it seems Lisa Vanderpump will have to throw a bunch of parties at SUR or Villa Rosa to get everyone under one roof again! If that happens, here’s hoping James and Sandoval don’t get into another brawl…

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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