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Jamie Lynn Spears DENIES Owning A Florida Condo That Britney Reportedly Footed The Bill For!

Jamie Lynn Spears DENIES Owning A Florida Condo That Britney Footed The Bill For!

Jamie Lynn Spears is denying claims Britney Spears purchased a Florida condo for her — valued at $1 million!

Addressing a recent report originally published by The Sun, the Zoey 101 lead shared a series of photos to Instagram of her current family vacation. But rather than show off a condo, she insisted she only ever stays at The Ritz-Carlton when visiting beach destinations — in a post that sounds very much like a sponsored ad!

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The 30-year-old explained alongside pics of her husband, Jamie Watson, kids Ivy Joan, 3, and Maddie Briann Aldridge, 13, and a friend:

“I don’t own a condo, and I can assure you that no one has ever bought me a place at the beach, because I prefer my beach vacations’s at the Ritz anyway Simple FACTS. Y’all need to stop reachin’”

Leaving the post on a lighter note, she added:

“Thankful to get this time with my family in between our busy work and practice schedules with the kids lol.”

Hmmm… In the snapshots (above), the group definitely appears to be at a hotel, but as we reported, this statement walks back many times the actress referenced owning a condo in Destin, FL. In 2015, while promoting her song Sleepover with CMT, she mused:

“We’re pretty blessed with a big condo. It can sleep about ten people. We all have breakfast together, I plan a big dinner, and we have a space at the beach. And when we write, there’s no pressure and no timeline, so the songs just kind of fall out. It’s hard to call that work.”

Again, in a tweet resurfaced by @SwatTeamforBJS, the musician said:

“We have a condo in Destin, Florida and it’s the best getaway.”

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But according to the outlet, they could find no properties “belonging to Jamie Lynn” in the entire state, making many wonder if she had lied all this time about “NEVER” taking money from her big sis?? The property they could find belonged to the pop star via her company Bridgmore Timber LLC, which she established in 2000. It was also briefly managed by Jamie Spears in 2012 when he became his daughter’s conservator of estate.

To give the Sweet Magnolias star the benefit of the doubt, perhaps she was using the plural “we” to describe her family at large — and not just herself and hubby (whom she married in 2014), as many would assume. But if so, why not just explain her previous statements now that they’ve clearly stirred up media attention? She definitely insinuated owning a condo in the past, so publishing this explanation doesn’t really clear the air on the matter TBH, especially not when it reads like an overly enthusiastic post prompting the hotel chain!

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Is the Nickelodeon alum not telling the full story? Or is everyone else just reading into things? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Jamie Lynn Spears/Britney Spears/Instagram]

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