Teen Mom Beef Continues! Jenelle Evans Calls Farrah Abraham A “Straight Dumbass!”

jenelle evans calls farrah abraham a dumbass on twitter


We hope you guys are ready for another round of some Teen Mom drama, because the beef between Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham is heating up once again!

The Backdoor Teen Mom star was recently spotted doing some house hunting in Calabasas, but apparently the home owners weren’t too happy that she took photos that eventually made it online!

Well Jenelle caught winds of the news and took to Twitter to share her feelings on the matter, and as you might have expected she didn’t have anything nice to say:

Wow! Why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel! LOLz!

We’re not quite sure what Jenelle means when she says she “can’t hold back,” because she has NOT exactly kept it a secret that she isn’t a fan of her fellow Teen Mom!

The news hasn’t seemed to make it back to Farrah yet as she’s been pretty quiet about the whole thing, but we’re sure she’ll have plenty to say when she does!

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May 23, 2013 5:33pm PST

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