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EXCLUSIVE! Jenna Jameson's Wife 'Absolutely Not' Getting Back With Her -- SLAMS Former Adult Film Star's Lies About Her Kids, The Marriage, And MORE!

Jenna Jameson Wife 'Absolutely Not' Getting Back With Her -- Source SLAMS Adult Film Stars Lies About Her Kids, The Marriage, And MORE!

Jenna Jameson’s wife Jessi Lawless is hitting back at her partner’s claim that they are working things out!

If you haven’t been following the drama, in April, Jessi filed for an annulment after less than a year of marriage, claiming the former adult film star had started drinking again, causing her to draw a hard line and walk away. Well, the whole thing started some internet controversy as fans began accusing her of spousal abuse. Just last week, Jenna took to her social media to shut that narrative down. But while denying the abuse allegations, she also claimed the couple were working things out.

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She said in a since-deleted Instagram video:

“Jessi and I are trying to work through things, and I wanted to be very clear about something. She was never abusive. She wasn’t … everything that’s being portrayed right now. So, um, we’re trying to work through things and I adore her … I don’t want her to be dealing with drama. She doesn’t deserve it. I love her.”

A pretty massive turnaround… and one that’s not what it seems, unfortunately!

Jessi reached out to this week to share the exclusive details on the couple’s dramatic split — and it really is a saga! First off, she made one thing VERY CLEAR: they aren’t “getting back together”. She confirmed:

“We are absolutely not getting back together, I never said we were getting back together. I actually told her that the only way that she would ever even have a chance at being my friend would be if she stopped lying and cleared my name on the rumors about ‘abuse.'”

Jessi noted that Jenna “took the video down because I told her that we weren’t getting back together,” adding:

“She kept telling people that we were getting back together and I called her and told her her [sic] to stop saying that and she took the video down.”

Just ’cause she has no intentions of walking back on the divorce, it doesn’t mean Jessi isn’t completely distraught over this outcome. Insisting Jenna’s alleged substance abuse issues are ongoing and a large reason for the split, the internet personality continued:

“She’s currently in Vegas, I don’t know why, but it’s definitely stressing me out. She’s drinking heavily and I’m genuinely concerned about her well-being. This is heartbreaking for me because I love her, but she’s a tragic story of trauma and damage that I can’t fix.”

Yeesh. Jessie furthered:

“She lives with her hairstylist. She got kicked out of the place she was staying in Chicago due to her drinking and violence. She got into a physical altercation with the girl she was staying with. She ran up over $5000 in charges at the Trump tower on her friends husband’s credit card and skipped out on the bill. This has been a f**king roller coaster. Jenna is sick. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know how to help her, but I’m certainly not getting back with her.”


Jenna shares 15-year-old twins Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette with her ex Tito Ortiz and 7-year-old Batel Lu with her former fiancé Lior Bitton. When asked if she’s in her kids’ lives, the retired hairstylist said “not at all” and slammed the Zombie Strippers star for trying to claim otherwise, arguing:

“She did that Entertainment Tonight interview and talked about how she was packing lunches and driving her kids to school and that was the first fight we ever had, because I confronted her about it and asked her why she said that and she told me it was none of my business.”

Worse than just not seeing the kids, the porn star is allegedly actively avoiding her legal responsibilities, her estranged wife dished:

“I’ve never met any of the kids. I’ve never seen her speak to them, never seen her make any attempt to be a part of their lives.”

FWIW, Jenna claimed to be taking an active role in her children’s lives in the aforementioned interview published in August (above) only to walk it all back on social media, claiming her words had been taken out of context (though it’s kinda hard to imagine how). You can see the clips HERE. Regardless, Jessi continued:

“I have a stack of letters from the California child support enforcement for batel and I didn’t even know that those letters were coming until she left because she was digging through a drawer, looking for a key and I found them. Apparently, she had been hiding them from me.”

Oh, no. Jessi hadn’t noticed the missing mail because Jenna had stepped up to handle the daily chore, she explained:

“She always made a point to go check the mail and I encouraged that because it was her getting up off of the couch and actually doing something so that was like her little thing that she did. Check the mail. Never thought that it was because she was hiding something from me.”

The Born Lawless podcast host also noted that she imagines the guilt is eating her partner alive, but that there’s nothing left she can do for her, stressing:

“I told her that I wanted her to go into inpatient trauma therapy and she refused. I tried so f**king hard to help her.”

And she means it when she says she’s done! Jessie detailed:

“I shut down her phone service today and had the phone blacklisted so she has no access to any of her social media or anything else, but I wasn’t gonna continue to let her harass me on a device that I paid for so I shut it down.”

Because of Jenna’s alleged debt, she’s unable to get her own phone or bank account, Jessi alleged:

“It’s her only phone she can’t get a phone in her name. She has no bank account and she can’t get a bank account because she owes 500K to the IRS. I spoke to the girl she was staying with in Chicago and she said that she had to make Jenna a new email because Jenna couldn’t remember the password to anything she had so she’s locked out of all of her s**t and I feel absolutely terrible about it and I didn’t want to do this and I could’ve done it months ago but I’ve just had as much as I can take.”


We said it was dramatic, and it sure is. How sad to see it come to this!

Addiction can be so detrimental to relationships. But it’s worth mentioning that Jenna’s been outspoken about how she wishes people struggling with addiction would receive more “empathy and understanding” than “judgment” and “shaming.” She didn’t name her wife, but it came after the split was made public, so it sure seems like that was her way of shading Jessi! We bet she’s just as furious now that she’s being cut off financially and more amid the messy split!

Wishing all involved a healthy road forward. We know how vicious cycles of addiction can be, and we just want the best for all.

Thoughts?? Let us know (below)!

[Image via Jenna Jameson/Jessi Lawless/Instagram]

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