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Kim Kardashian Looks ‘Terrible’ During ‘Midlife Style Crisis’, Says Big NYC Stylist!

Kim Kardashian Looks ‘Terrible’ During ‘Midlife Style Crisis’, Says Big NYC Stylist!

Kim Kardashian is not serving looks these days — at least in the eyes of some fans… including a major stylist in New York City!

For a while, the reality star was considered a fashion icon dressed to the nines in the latest designs from some of the top luxury brands. But now? Kim is in a “midlife style crisis,” according to wardrobe consultant and personal stylist Amanda Sanders. Ouch!

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On Friday, Amanda told The US Sun she feels The Kardashians star is just “struggling” to pick out the right pieces for herself these days. An example? Kim sported a cream-color fur vest, a pair of nude tights, and heels… to go to a basketball game. Check it out (below):

It’s definitely an interesting fashion statement. It also feels like something Bianca Censori would wear! (Not a compliment…)

But Amanda’s thoughts on the ensemble? She said it was “an awful look, no matter what she puts on it.” Oof. And that is not the only ensemble she doesn’t like from Kim! Amanda hates everything she wears now! The RHONY alum continued:

“It would still look terrible even if Kim was much thinner. Kim is also getting older and may be going through a midlife style crisis We will see good outfits and bad ones, as well.”

A big reason Kim’s looks are flopping nowadays Amanda feels is her “glam squad” does not step in to help her out and say “No”:

“Kim can look great when her stylists are around to dress and accessorize her. But outside of that, the scenario for Kim is like the Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Not the Emperor’s New Clothes! She’s giving Joan Rivers vibes here, right?! (Miss her… R.I.P.) She continued:

“No one would challenge Kim’s clothing choices. This is despite her struggle to put on the right ones and get out of the door on time. When she styles herself, it is not as form-fitting or flattering as it could be when she has somebody else’s opinion and help.”

Because Kim isn’t dressing well, Amanda notes how younger stars no longer view her “as a fashion icon.” Way to twist the knife deeper for Kim! Damn.

Of course, her stylists not intervening isn’t the only explanation for her “terrible” outfits. We also have to factor in her ex-husband Kanye West. As you know, the rapper notoriously would dress Kim throughout their relationship. But once they divorced, that stopped! Amanda pointed out the television personality then started to turn to designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga to determine her style post-split:

“She said that she didn’t have a sense of style until Kanye dressed her head to toe. And then, Kim relied on designers with whom she was working. When she was working with Dolce & Gabbana, she looked stunning. These fashion houses helped to influence Kim’s fashion decisions.”

Ye’s style isn’t great now either though… Just sayin’…

So why is Kim’s fashion so bad now if she’s working with these brands? Amanda wondered if she’s simply choosing the wrong pieces of what they send:

“I believe brands send Kim clothes daily, and now, sometimes, she could be putting on the wrong items. Kim might have designer clothes in her closet, but that does not mean they fit or go together. They may not flatter Kim’s changing body.”

The personal shopper noted Kim’s body has changed over the years, impacting what she wears on a daily basis. In her opinion, the SKIMS founder “has not been making the best clothes choices for her particular body type,” explaining:

“Women can struggle with what to wear and what to throw on as their bodies change when they age as well. In the forties, the body changes week to week sometimes. Because of our hormones, we gain and lose weight, as well as water weight. After Kim’s major weight loss, her body seems to have returned to its usual curviness. Kim was very thin for a while, but now her body looks curvier. She has not been making the best clothes choices for her particular body type.”

Ultimately, Amanda thinks Kimmy Kakes “struggles to find herself with her styling when she is on her own.” She added:

“Most people also might put on something, and if it does not fit, they move on to the next outfit. Kim just seems to keep them on and then goes out. Kim also does not want to look or dress like her mother. So she is not going in that direction any time soon. Kris Jenner puts on layers and suits and jackets, and in the 40s and 50s, that is appropriate too. Kim does not wear great colors or great silhouettes. All she has been doing recently is throwing something on, and she thinks it looks OK.”

What’s her suggestion for Kim? Some constructive criticism? Amanda recommended:

“Kim could perhaps try out more sophisticated, more structured looks.”

If Amanda had such strong thoughts about Kim’s looks, we’re now dying to know what she has to say about what Bianca steps out in sometimes! LOLz!

What do YOU think about Kim’s outfits, Perezcious readers? Do you agree with Amanda and feel her style has tanked in the last few years? Or does she still nail it in the fashion department for you? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Amanda Sanders/Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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