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Jennifer Garner's Focus On Ex Ben Affleck & His Problems 'Bothers' Boyfriend John Miller!

Jennifer Garner's Focus On Ex Ben Affleck & His Problems With Jennifer Lopez 'Bothers' Boyfriend John Miller!

Jennifer Garner has found herself in the middle of Ben Affleck’s problems with Jennifer Lopez! And her boyfriend is not happy!

Since day one of the marital troubles between the estranged couple, Jen has been rooting for them to work things out. An insider for Us Weekly previously said the 13 Going on 30 star “is encouraging Ben to work on his marriage to Jen.” She just “wants the best for” her ex-husband and feels J.Lo is the best thing for him in the end!

So instead of letting the pair figure everything out for themselves, Garner stepped up to help! She even has been lending an ear to the Let’s Get Loud artist when she wanted to save the marriage! (More on that in a minute!) The Alias alum also has been seen hanging out with Ben a bit extra — dropping by his Brentwood rental home and attending events with their kiddos.

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Wow! She really is Team Bennifer all the way! That came with a price, tho! Focusing on Ben and his problems with Jen has now created some trouble in her own love life! A source told on Friday it “bothers” Garner’s boyfriend John Miller that she’s getting involved in Bennifer’s drama so much. Per the insider, he feels it’s not her job to “fix” the marriage:

“Of course it bothers John that Jen is so hyper focused on her ex-husband. He cares deeply for Ben and sympathizes with what he is going through with Jennifer, but that doesn’t mean Jen should be the one to fix her ex-husband’s issues with his current wife. That makes no sense to anyone.”

Given reports previously suggested the Jens were concerned about Ben’s sobriety due to the stress of a potential divorce, it makes sense why Garner got involved! They have three children together whose lives would be impacted if the filmmaker ever broke his sobriety! Heck, their lives will also be upended just from another divorce! J.Lo has been their stepmom, they have step-siblings they seem to get along with! Why shouldn’t their mom want stability in their lives?

While John also wants Ben “to be okay,” he just doesn’t feel the Peppermint star should take on the “responsibility” of watching him or trying to save Bennifer anymore. The insider continued:

“Jen is such a caring and wonderful woman and mother and there is nothing but a deep friendship and bond between her and Ben. John wants nothing more than for Ben to be okay, but it isn’t his girlfriend’s responsibility to play babysitter to him. That is for Ben to figure out on his own and for his wife to handle. It isn’t Jen’s responsibility, and he has told her this.”

Well, it doesn’t seem like she’s listened to John so far! But he’ll heed his own advice! He’s definitely not getting in the middle of the drama! Which… we’re pretty sure everyone involved is glad for.

While the CaliGroup CEO and his movie star GF don’t see eye-to-eye on the matter, a second source insisted their relationship hasn’t been impacted “in a negative way” as a result. Hmm. They said:

“John stays out of it, he knows it is none of his business, so he keeps away from all of that, because who wants to talk about their ex more than you have to. But Jen can’t get away from it because it is everywhere. It doesn’t affect her current relationship or her life in a negative way.”

Ultimately, the source said Jen Garner “just wants to protect her kids, and by being there for Ben, if and when he needs, allows her to do that.” But getting Ben to unload about his current troubles is a lot tougher than you may think! The insider noted the Argo actor tries to avoid talking about his rough patch with J.Lo as he doesn’t want to be a “burden” to his ex:

“Jen is monitoring it all and she has told Ben time and time again, they can talk about anything, and she will be there for him to vent. But Ben never wants to burden her and will instead just talk to her about the kids and what the kids need.”

Ben better start talking about his marital problems with Garner ASAP! That is if he wants to save his marriage to the Hustlers star in the final hours! She reportedly “has had enough” of him and is just not interested in keeping their relationship together anymore. Oof. All that effort from Garner and for what? Nothing now!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Will Ben and Jennifer will work things out with Jen Garner’s help? Or do you feel Bennifer is truly over for good this time? Sound OFF in the comments below!

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