EXCLUSIVE! Astrologer Terry Nazon Has High Hopes For Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez — Get The Heavenly Deets!

Are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez meant to be?

Is this true love or just a fling?

Astrologer Terry Nazon is here to analyze!

When Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez started hooking up, we were as surprised as everybody else. But now we’re dying to know whether these sexy lovebirds can make it in the long run!

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After almost making things Instagram official, the couple has mostly laid low, but we have a feeling they may become more and more camera-friendly as the days and weeks progress.

They are both attention-loving Leos after all!

Read on to see what Terry predicts for this dynamic duo!

She is optimistic right off the bat (pun!) that J.Lo and A-Rod will make it, saying:

“What happens when two Leo Sun signs get together? Do they hunt together? Do they try to eat each other? Nope, none of that happens. They easily slip into their prospective relationship roles easily and naturally. Nature just takes its course.

You see, there’s a difference between the male Leo and the female Leo of this zodiac sign that sets them apart from other zodiac signs. They pair easily. They understand each other and neither will try to outshine the other. He is a star athlete and she is a superstar. Together they could be an amazing power couple. The necessary male-female component of any relationship that’s necessary for the success of all romantic matches, is at its best with two Leo Sun signs.”

Okay, so they already sound like a very well-matched couple. That’s awesome!

“The Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez relationship has real potential for longevity too. The parts of their personalities or planetary overlays that makes it difficult for them to blend or get along with others for long periods of time, isn’t an issue here. Not to bore you with the astro-babble, but ok, I will. Her Moon, Neptune, Mars can be suspicious, jealous, easily and hurt deeply. His Saturn, Mercury and Leo Sun can be ultra-sensitive about people being respectful to him and just as treacherous as her aspects can be. But together these planets align and they trust each other and they won’t step on each others’ Achilles Tendons.

He is looking for someone sweet, gentle and vulnerable, someone angelic, and she might fit that bill since the private Jennifer Lopez is very sweet. She also has the ability to recognize on sight the person she can love and be with.”

Longevity! See, that’s what we like to hear.

Terry adds:

“What else do they have in common? Well, both have nicknames; she’s known by J.Lo, and he’s A-Rod. That’s a start. She is looking for someone who doesn’t cramp her style, is courageous, physically fit, travels for work and gives her space. Her natal Mars in Sagittarius is the ruler of athletes and sports figures. Yes, she did miss the mark a few times, thank you Mr. Wishful thinking and blurred vision, Neptune. And BTW, she is still feeling the sting of those past mistakes. His natal Venus is in virginal Virgo. Venus in Virgo, likes extremes and likes perfection. He’s looking for someone who is well, perfect. Also, someone who can be two different women to him. Someone who can be earthy and virginal one minute and hot and sexy another. There’s no in-between Venus in Virgo. They like someone who looks like a hooker, or stripper and also looks good dressed in a virginal white wedding gown. That describes J-Lo right? Still, he is also looking for someone who can be vulnerable with him, and she is looking for someone to be vulnerable with. He has had his share of illusions, con artists and gold diggers too. And she has had her fill of men wanting too much freedom and partying way too much on her watch. The planet Mars rules the husband or the ideal mate or partner in a female or feminine chart. While the planet Venus rules the wife or feminine component in a masculine chart.”

Sounds good so far! But there’s even more!

Terry explains:

“Whereas Jennifer Lopez might have played the role of ‘Mommy’ or inadvertently slipped into the role of ‘Mommy’ in her previous relationships, she won’t here. Alex Rodriguez is an eagle scout looking for an angel to rescue, save and do good deeds for. Well, that’s exaggerating it a little, but at least with Mars in Taurus he is all man. He’s not a gamble in the bedroom. Both have generous, fun-loving spirits and both need to be adored. After paying her karmic dues in 2016 in a very difficult relationship she’s ready for love. While this relationship is a good bet for any Las Vegas odds maker, they will of course run into issues beginning in late April through May due to circumstances beyond their control. Hopefully, with their private jets gassed up and waiting on the tarmac, they’ll make their mutual schedules work.”

Wow, sounds like this is the real deal! Maybe there are even wedding bells in the future? Who knows!

We can’t wait to find out where these two end up on their love journey! Best of luck!

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Mar 13, 2017 2:17pm PDT