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How Jessica Simpson Is Keeping SO TONED During The Lockdown!

Jessica Simpson Diet Exercise Routine Coronavirus Quarantine

Like most of the Instagram mirror selfie loving world, our jaws dropped at that photo of Jessica Simpson this week.

In case you didn’t see, the Dukes Of Hazzard star posted a post-workout pic on Wednesday and her tone was on full display thanks to a matching sports bra and shorts from her own line of exercise gear.

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And gurl is looking ABSOLUTELY SHREDDED! From the defined abs to the sculpted legs, there is just not an ounce of fat out of place.

Jessica Simpson Instagram tone workout photo
(c) Jessica Simpson/Instagram

OK, so obviously we have to ask…

We’re in a pandemic lockdown, everyone is stuck inside with their families, spending all day binging old shows on Netflix and eating comfort food. It seems like EVERYONE is putting on the COVID 19, and JSimps is looking as hot as she’s EVER looked.

So what is her secret??

Well, you may be disappointed to know there really isn’t one. According to a source spilling to ET on Thursday, Jessica’s routine has been pretty unremarkable.

As far as exercise goes? It’s really simple:

“She is walking outdoors and on her treadmill.”

SERIOUSLY?! Just walking??

Yes, apparently it’s just getting her steps in, as she mentioned in her photo caption, and that’s enough to maintain the impressive tone she already had going into isolation. The real key is consistency, which usually requires discipline — but in Jessica’s case? The momma of three NEEDS her walkies!

“It’s the way she stays sane, so it’s as much for mental health as it is for physical wellness.”

It is lovely to have those times away from the kids. In Jessica’s case, as she revealed on Wednesday, that precious alone time is first thing in the morning!

“Woke up before all 3 kiddos to get my steps in and spend time with me, myself, and I. Move move move for your own mental health. ??”

For some people the quarantine may have meant all the hours and days run together, but not for this busy momma!

OK, but what about diet? Surely she’s on some strict keto thing with no bread or dairy or something, right? Sorry, according to the source:

“There has definitely been a lot of baking going on with the kids and she doesn’t totally deny herself.”

However, she has been careful about portion control, never overeating all the delicious food she’s making for the brood.

Jessica Simpson Instagram baking photo
(c) Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Well, we’re still impressed, no matter how simple it all is.

How are YOU keeping fit — and sane — during the lockdown??

[Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram.]

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