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Johnny Weir And Victor Voronov Divorce Is BACK ON! Seriously?! Will It Ever Stop??

So it looks like Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov are actually totally still getting divorced...
Sometimes it seems like the Johnny Weir/Victor Voronov divorce drama is never-ending.
Remember when we said it was finally all over and they were back together??
Well that was true… but only for a little while.
It wasn’t long until there was another “altercation” as we previously mentioned. Johnny allegedly scratched Victor all over after finding some not-so-nice texts Victor had sent.
Victor’s legal crisis manager said:

“[They] gave it a shot. They went to marriage counseling and they tried. [I believe Johnny] had a different agenda [and] was on a fact-finding mission to gather evidence for the divorce rather than pursuing an actual reconciliation.”

So what does all of that mean??
The manager continued, saying:

“[The] divorce was never pulled, so the terms still stand.”

So we guess they’re just going ahead and moving forward with the divorce??
Jeez, this has been so long and drawn out, honestly, it’s probably about time to call it quits.
We feel so awful for them and everyone involved in this messy, drawn-out battle.
[Image via WENN.]

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May 19, 2014 18:12pm PDT