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JoJo Siwa CLAPS BACK Hard After Candace Cameron Bure Makes Hurtful 'Traditional Marriage' Comment!

JoJo Siwa CLAPS BACK HARD After Candace Cameron Bure's ‘Traditional Marriage’ Comment!

Well, after everything they worked through, the feud between JoJo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure is alive and well again…

If you haven’t tuned into the Full House alum’s current controversy yet, she’s making headlines for very openly denouncing LGBTQ+ stories in Christmas movies. In a new interview with the Wall Street Journal on Monday, Candace discussed her decision to jump ships from Hallmark Channel to its new competitor the Great American Family network (where she will now serve as a chief creative officer). While promoting her upcoming holiday flick, the 46-year-old made this astounding comment:

“I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core.”

So y’all know Christianity didn’t invent marriage, right? Like, marriage was a thing LONG before Christians came along.

And while CCB may not have said she hates queer storytelling outright, this kind of outdated remark — and the fact that she left Hallmark to work with the company’s controversial former CEO Bill Abbott just as the network is beginning to explore more diverse plot lines — is extremely telling!

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Not to mention, in the same interview, Bill said he and his team are “aware of the trends” — as if being gay or queer is a “trend.” How Christlike!

Just hours after the hurtful comments were published in WSJ. Magazine, now the Kind Is the New Classy author’s former enemy is roasting her like a chestnut on an open fire!!!

As the Christmas Under Wraps leading lady’s shocking interview made waves on social media, the Dance Moms alum shared a screenshot of an article recapping the drama titled, “Candace Cameron Bure’s Plans for New Cable Channel: No Gays.” The 19-year-old performer captioned the post on Tuesday:

“honestly, I can’t believe after everything that went down just a few months ago, that she would not only create a movie with intention of excluding LGBTQIA+, but then also talk about it in the press. This is rude and hurtful to a whole community of people.”

Say it louder!!

JoJo’s Dance Moms co-star Maddie Ziegler cheered her on, writing:

“go off jojo!!!!!!!”

Even Candace’s on-screen sister Jodie Sweetin signed off on everything JoJo had to say, commenting:

“You know I love you


Let this serve as a reminder for everyone to go support Jodie’s Xmas movies instead of Candace’s from now on! Just saying!!

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There were plenty of others who took to the comments to express their disgust for CCB’s take on LGBTQ+ stories, adding:


“that’s a no from me”

“Absolutely abhorrent


And there was way more where that came from. Check out the Nickelodeon star’s full post (below)!

As we mentioned, this isn’t the first time JoJo and Candace have had issues with one another. In July, JoJo took part in a TikTok trend during which she put Candace on blast as the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met. The Fuller House star’s feelings were instantly hurt and she reached out to the Dancing With The Stars contestant to hash out the situation, which supposedly had to do with Candace once refusing to take a photo with JoJo. They seemed to settle the drama and Candace even tried to use it as a teaching moment for her fanbase. But perhaps JoJo wasn’t so far off with that TikTok after all. We mean, a woman who celebrates the exclusion of others doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would be at the top of Santa’s nice list! Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Hallmark Channel/Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube]

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