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Melissa Joan Hart Responds To Rumors Of Nasty Feud With Lena Dunham!!

Melissa Joan Hart Responds To Rumors Of Nasty Feud With Lena Dunham!!

Melissa Joan Hart is breaking up this rumored girl fight!

On Friday, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch star took to Instagram to shut down rumors she and Lena Dunham have a massive rivalry! The speculation first began swirling via at least two blind items shared on the celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi, which suggested the actresses had long been “frenemies.” In the first post, an anonymous user called Melissa “Sabrina the teenage *****” (think we all know they mean “bitch”) before declaring:

“Can confirm that MJH has it out for Lena Dunham. They’ve been frenemies for a long time (Lena’s dad was friends with the creator of Clarissa Explains It All).”

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Melissa starred in five seasons of the Nickelodeon television show, Clarissa Explains It All, created by Mitchell Kriegman beginning in 1991. The series may have sprouted some more trouble between the stars, the tip continued:

“The dinner party fight about child drag queens was just one piece of the puzzle. Melissa has a knack for alienating people in her life- they disappear like magic. Her views are controversial (and chaotic) and she gets really argumentative about them. I didn’t see the Instagram Story but it’s common knowledge in both of their circles that they’ve been beefing for a while.

Ouch! So harsh!

Another anonymous tipster elaborated on the supposed, yet very random, beef, adding to the conversation:

Anjelica Huston said some *very* nasty things about Lena Dunham the other night at a party I attended for my boss. I couldn’t figure out how or why Lena would even cross her mind but I was informed that Anjelica starred in a Lifetime movie that was directed by Melissa Joan Hart. Apparently Melissa and Lena have beef? I’d be pretty scared if my enemy had THE Anjelica Huston in her corner!”

Whoa. So, is there any truth to the Girls creator and Melissa & Joey star butting heads? According to Melissa, not at ALL! After posting the blind items for reference, the Drive Me Crazy alum clapped back at the online buzz, saying matter-of-factly:

“So I don’t normally pay any attention to the tabloid rumor mill but numerous friends have asked me about my ‘rivalry’ with @lenadunham and I’m truly confused. We have no ‘beef’, and as far as I remember we haven’t even had the pleasure of meeting let alone having enough of a relationship to warrant any time to discuss drag queens.”

Wait, they haven’t even met?? Hmm…

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The Dear Christmas leading lady went on to blast the false reports and send love Lena’s way, concluding:

“Don’t let them get you with flashy links as they pretend to give you hot gossip that doesn’t exist. I’m a fan of Lena’s work and all that she does to support females in our industry and hope to share a latte someday. Please be careful not to get caught up in the hateful rhetoric of these sites that promote division and spew crap to make a profit. #mytedtalk”

Lena is yet address to the accusations or Melissa’s response to the rumors. Interestingly, fans have taken to Melissa’s comment section and they are very much on her side, responding:

“Clarissa just explained it all.”

“I’d kinda rather it be true. Lena is not someone I’d choose to support in any way.”

“It’s ok. Lena was cancelled a long time ago. You’re good.”

Yeesh! See more reactions (below)!

Oof. Seems like Melissa’s reputation is in the clear. Lena, on the other hand, is a whole different story. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Did you ever think there was a feud going on?? Let us know (below)!

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