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Is Marjorie Taylor Greene Helping Fund Kanye West's Presidential Campaign?!?

Kanye West Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene President Campaign Finance Scandal

OK, we already knew Kanye West‘s presidential aspirations were as shady as it gets… but this is getting WILD!

On Monday the treasurer of Ye’s campaign — yes, it’s still a thing — resigned. Patrick Krason became the second treasurer to quit in just six months. That was a big red flag for folks who cover this kind of thing — after all, treasurer isn’t exactly one of those high turnover jobs. But they do suffer legal liability if all the campaign finances aren’t on the up-and-up. The fact they’re all running away is concerning. So what’s up with Ye’s money?

Kanye hired right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos last week to be his political director. You know, the guy who doesn’t want to be called “alt-right” but hangs out with actual neo-Nazis? The internet harasser who got banned on Twitter P.M. (that’s pre-Musk) after directing abuse towards Leslie Jones? Yeah, that’s who is running Ye’s presidential campaign now. Totally cool and normal.

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Anyway, in a leaked email obtained by Politico, Krason expressed concern that Milo had “submitted falsified invoices for expenditures that would be deemed unlawful.” Again, if there is something illegal going on, the treasurer could go to prison along with whoever was responsible. So no wonder he jumped ship! But what exactly did Milo do?

Well, that may have to do with his other employer. Milo used to be an intern for Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. And there’s now evidence she — or her office? — helped finance Kanye’s campaign. According to receipts, Marjorie’s campaign manager Isaiah Wartman purchased the domain name for $7,020.16 on November 22. (That happens to be the same date Kanye had his controversial dinner with Donald Trump and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.) A source told The Daily Beast it was Milo who oversaw the transaction, which was paid for with the MTG campaign’s credit card. The MTG campaign then reported that as an expense to the government — saying they’d spent that money on “domain registration and hosting.” They didn’t mention it was for someone else’s campaign!

The Kanye 2020 committee (it’s still called that three years later) then reported to the government they’d paid Milo $9k directly for “domain transfer.” Why more? Hmm…

So what the heck happened? Did Marjorie green-light this financial support of Kanye? Did Milo go behind her back and spend thousands using her credit card? Any way you slice it, this is sketchy from a legal standpoint. Campaign finance law specialist Brendan Fischer told The Daily Beast if Greene’s campaign paid for Kanye’s new campaign domain, “that’s an excessive and unreported in-kind contribution to his campaign.” And if Milo spent the money without authorization, “then he may have committed a range of serious violations — including, potentially, causing Greene’s campaign to file false reports with the government.” If he used MTG’s money to buy the domain and then got reimbursed — for even more — by Kanye, then it looks like he might have fraudulently pocketed all that money! WTF?!

Jordan Libowitz, communications director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, told DB this all “looks fraudulent” so far, explaining:

“It’s concerning that the domain appears to have been sold to personally benefit Milo. You cannot use campaign funds to benefit yourself. That’s the kind of thing that [former Rep.] Duncan Hunter was convicted of doing. You can’t use the campaign card for your personal benefit. That’s about as clear-cut as it gets.”

Is there a reason MTG would have allowed the use of her funds to support Kanye? Well… she is still a huge cheerleader for Trump. And as we learned in 2020, Ye’s campaign wasn’t ever even serious — and only existed to help Trump by diverting voters away from Joe Biden. At that time it seemed he was being prompted by GOP operatives behind the scenes — that he never intended to try to win, he was only another lie being told by the Trump team. Is that still what’s going on? Is MTG part of it? Or is it possible she got swindled??

Frankly, it’s tough to feel bad for her — and not just because she’s a horrible person who bullies school shooting survivors. We’re thinking of the old adage: you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas, right?

What do YOU think is going on with Kanye’s campaign this time??

[Image via Piers Morgan/Real Time With Bill Maher/YouTube/MEGA/WENN.]

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