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The Jonas Brothers Dish On ALL Your Burning Questions In Hilarious Interview -- Including Their Infamous Purity Rings!

Kevin, Joe, & Nick Jonas Dish On All Your Burning Questions In Hilarious Interview -- Including Their Infamous Purity Rings!

The Jonas Brothers aren’t holding back!

Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Sunday night, all three together on the show for the first time… and things got spicy quick! The host, of course, had a few games prepared for the musical trio. The mission? To get to the bottom of a few burning questions fans have been wondering for years! The results? Equal parts hilarious, endearing, and scandalous! Ooohhh…

First off, one fan called in and asked Nick exactly what he said to his now wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas when he first slid into her DMs! Oh, and they were also curious how often he would slide into others’ DMs before getting hitched! Ha! But Nick was prepared! He explained coolly, “Life before Priyanka is a distant memory.” Smooth! Then he pulled out his phone to check the receipts of the DMs to his future wife, explaining:

“I saved a photo of it, and I can also go to my DMs and it’s still in there.”

Aww! So sweet that he still keeps those OG messages! The 30-year-old offered: 

“I said something to the effect of, ‘Hey, I’ve heard we have a lot of things in common, friends in common, and I think we should meet in person.’ And she right away responded, she was like, ‘Nice to meet you. Let’s get off DM, let’s go to text, my team might be watching.’”

Ha! Love that she was already interested in the kind of talk she wouldn’t want her team seeing! Great sign!

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 As for DMs to people other than Priyanka, he shared:

“I’m sure there were DMs previously, but the only one that mattered was my wife.”

Ha! He is just ready with the silver tongue, isn’t he??

Very well maneuvered — but the games did not stop there!

In honor of their new song Waffle House, they played a game in which Andy asked questions, and for whichever bro fit the description, waffles were thrown! LOLz! Some of the questions included, “Who is your parents’ favorite?” which the three unanimously agreed on Nick, “Who Googles themselves most often?” which Nick and Joe both agreed was Joe, and “Who’s the most sensitive?” which they all agreed was Kevin. Watch (below): 

Next up, the singers played “Agree or Disagree,” in which they had to either, you guessed it, agree or disagree with Andy’s statements. The host got right into it with the hot take: “High School Musical is a better movie than Camp Rock.” All three bros unanimously agreed, despite starring in the latter. Kevin quickly shouted out HSM had a “bigger budget.”

THEN Andy really went all out, stating, “The purity rings were a bad idea” — and all three agreed! Nick said: 

“In theory, they’re not a bad idea. But you should know what you’re signing up for before you sign up for it.”

LOLz! Joe added:

“When you’re 12 versus when you’re, like, 16, is a very big difference.”

As for how they renounced their rings, Nick shared, “It just sort of happened.” Ch-ch-check out the full response (below)!

Later, Kevin got hit with a “tough” question:

“Which former Disney star has the better music catalog, Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato?”

Oh man, talk about a loaded question! How do you answer that? He knows these women!

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Kevin ultimately gave in and answered, though, revealing:

“We wrote the first album for Demi, so I would say us because we’re included.”

Well done, Kev, well done!

To finish up the interview, the JoBros named their music idols, which you can hear all about (below):

What do YOU think of their interview, Perezcious readers? Share in the comments down below!

[Image via NBCUniversal/YouTube]

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