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Nick Jonas Watched Priyanka Chopra Win Miss World On TV When He Was Just 7 Years Old!

Nick Jonas Watched Wife Priyanka Chopra Win Miss World On TV When He Was Just 7 Years Old!

Priyanka Chopra Jonas‘ husband was scoping her out YEARS before they ever met and fell in love!

…OK, so it’s not quite like that. But the story of how Nick Jonas first saw his lovely wife is actually pretty crazy. It seems he saw her as a young child, and his family recalls the entire thing — while Priyanka had no clue it ever happened!

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On Thursday, Priyanka spoke to Jennifer Hudson on her eponymous daytime television platform to promote two of her newest projects — the film Love Again, as well as her Prime Video spy series Citadel.

But past the streaming promo push, the former pageant queen revealed an amazing story about the beginning of her career — and the first time Nick laid eyes on her!!! Let’s go back to the year 2000 for this one. It was that November when Priyanka won the Miss World pageant in London. She had only just turned 18 years old a few months earlier, and the pageant win changed her life in an instant.

Speaking candidly to the Jennifer Hudson Show host about it, Priyanka recalled:

“I won the Miss World pageant. This was in London. This was November and I had turned 18 in July. A complete child. I had no idea what I was doing or what this world entailed. I didn’t have a lot of practice.”

But this storyline isn’t about re-living that inspiring moment. It’s about how Nick experienced it from 5,000 miles away!!

Priyanka explained to Hudson what her now-husband — who was just a small child at the time — was up to when she won on the stage in London that year:

“My mother-in-law was like, ‘I remember watching you when you won.’ And I was like, ‘I was in London. This is 2000.’ They were, I think, in Texas. I was like, ‘there’s no way.’ And she was like, ‘I remember it so clearly.'”

See, Nick’s dad Kevin Jonas Sr. is apparently a big beauty pageant fan. So he had the pageant on that night when it aired live.

Nick himself was only 7 years old during the 2000 Miss World competition. But!!! Priyanka explained how the little boy plopped down to watch the show with his dad:

“She said, ‘I remember this clearly because Kevin Sr. loves watching pageants. And he, I remember, was watching it and Nick came and sat down and watched you win.'”


So Nick was happily watching along on TV with his dad when Priyanka took home the Miss World crown. And now, more than two decades later, the couple is happily married with a growing family. So crazy to look back!

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With Hudson having to pick up her proverbial jaw off the floor, Priyanka, now 40, concluded:

“Which is unfathomable. Like, that was 22 years ago or something. He was 7, I was 17. And he was sitting there, and he was watching. It’s like, it was so weird.”

Weird, indeed! But also very sweet! They obviously had no idea they’d meet, fall in love, and marry one day. But here we are! It was fate!

Ch-ch-check out the unreal reveal for yourself (below):

So wild!!

BTW, you can also re-live the 2000 Miss World pageant (below):

What do U make of that unlikely pageant memory, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments!

[Image via Beauty Pageants/YouTube/Apega/WENN/Jennifer Hudson Show/YouTube]

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