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Khloé Kardashian Slammed For Apparent Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Take Amid Astroworld Tragedy Silence

Khloé Kardashian Slammed For Apparent Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Take -- But Does She Deserve This Criticism?!

Khloé Kardashian is letting her feelings be known online — which she has every right to do — but not all of her followers and other social media users are being so understanding.

Late Friday night, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took to Twitter with a simple and emotional message that has since been interpreted every which way by pretty much everybody. It’s par for the course for Khloé, who garners a lot of reaction from social media followers with everything she posts. But do U agree with the take fans have on these comments?

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The 37-year-old reality TV star needed only three words — “speechless and disgusted” — and provided no other specific context in sharing her tweet, as you can see (below)

Of course, judging by the timing of that message, it’s probable she was reacting to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. As we’ve been reporting, Rittenhouse was found not guilty earlier in the day on Friday in the shooting deaths of two people during a protest last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Celebs weren’t shy about voicing their displeasure with the Rittenhouse verdict all day long on Friday, either. So like we said, it’s at least somewhat likely that Khloé was letting her feelings be known in that context, too.

But fans weren’t feeling it. Some were angry that she had an opinion on the case at all, while others argued that it was hypocritical for her to share these emotions amid the ongoing fallout from the Astroworld Festival tragedy, which involved her sister Kylie Jenner‘s partner Travis Scott.

The reaction from a lot of these Twitter users was depressing, honestly, and it broadly fell into two separate camps.

Many of the tweeters criticized Khloé for her perceived (entirely reasonable) opinion about the verdict in the Rittenhouse case:

“did you even watch the prosecution?”

“Says the daughter of OJs lawyer.”

“Vague. Rittenhouse verdict? Yes it sucks. Embarrassed to live in WI”

“You don’t believe in self defense?”

“Clearly she didn’t watch the full trial”

“Because you’re the judge and jury?? Sorry K, ur opinion doesn’t matter. Justice was served!”


While others called her out for the incident that happened at Travis Scott’s festival earlier this month:

“Astroworld was disgusting and yes you and your family were speechless.”

“You’ll comment on this but not the Travis Scott concert? Mmmmmmk. Stay in your lane lady.”

“Were you speechless and disgusted with Travis Scott about Astroworld?”

“Yes speechless and disgusted what happened at Travis Scott Astroworld concert so many innocent lives lost!!!!!”

“Exactly! It is horrible what happened in Travis’s concert. He should pay!”

“What are u referring to? The innocent lives that were lost at Travis’s concert, or….???”

“There are people that died in travis scott concert . We’re not gonna forget about them. Sorry !!”

“About Astroworld? So are we!”

The Kardashian sisters have already taken heat for their early responses to the Astroworld Festival tragedy, and some of that may certainly be warranted — or at least understandable as to where fans are coming from. Everybody knows that Khloé posts a lot of (good and bad) stuff online, and sometimes, she deserves to get called out for some of the things she shares.

What do U make of this social media firestorm, Perezcious readers? Think her silence over Travis’ tragedy is enough to have her called out? Or can we share her “disgust” over what happened in court last week? Share your thoughts on the matter down in the comments (below)…

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