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Khloé Kardashian Called Out As A 'Hypocrite' After Plastic Water Bottle Rant! See The Proof!

Khloé Kardashian Gets Called Out As A Hypocrite For Shaming People Over Single Use Plastic Water Bottles!

Not such an environmentalist after all!

On Monday, Khloé Kardashian made a lengthy Instagram Story dishing out what she thought was some top-notch advice to followers on how they can help save the Earth. But all she ended up doing in the end was insulting her fans, many of whom now see her as a hypocrite.

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Speaking on the massive water bottle trend which sees social media users challenging themselves to drink a gallon of H2O a day, the KUWTK star gushed about getting “so excited” to see people “staying hydrated.” But she had a more important issue she wanted to address, saying (below):

“There’s something that irks me… is that I see people taking water bottles and they’re just pouring them into the gallon-sized reusable plastic water bottles so they can consume their water for the day. That defeats the purpose because those water bottles are just gonna go into a landfill somewhere and potentially cause pollution that we’re trying to limit ‘cause of our single use of plastics.”

The 36-year-old went on to seemingly shame her fans, suggesting they were being dumb for choosing to pour water bottles into reusable water bottles instead of buying filters for their sink, adding:

“That is a lot smarter than buying cases of water, if you’re going to be using reusable jugs, like I am. And if not everyday, I get it. Sometimes we need to grab a water bottle. I’m not saying that — or judging, but I don’t know why we’re pouring water bottles and using all that plastic, just to throw that plastic away for these jugs.”

Kinda sounds like you are judging!! She even ended her “rant,” teasing:

“I’m turning into Kourtney [Kardashian], but let’s try to save the environment for our kids.”

While all of this sounds like decent advice, coming from a place of privilege though it may be, many social media users were maddened to hear the reality TV star bash them when she’s hardly batted an eye at her own use of plastic in the past!

One Twitter user pointed out photos of the massive parties gurl is always throwing for herself and her family — in which their giant mansions are FILLED with disposable plastic for no reason other than festivity (below):

The snapshots certainly paint a clear picture that the Kardashian could care less about the environment when it comes to party planning!! But there’s even more evidence that works toward this user’s claim that the momma of True Thompson is the “hypocrite of the CENTURY”.

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Multiple other frustrated fans pointed out the model’s pantry, which she’s showed off many times in the past, uses SO much single use plastic!! And the socialite actually seemed proud of that in the clip (below)!

Yikes… Kinda harsh to be blaming fans for the deterioration of the planet when she’s flaunting her plastic use like that! We know it’s hard to avoid using single use plastic all together, especially for a busy, on-the-go person like Khloé, but her message was NOT coming from a place of embracing change for herself. She was very much acting like she had it all figured out while everyone else was being wasteful — when she probably has a bigger carbon footprint than half her IG followers put together!

If she really wants to help, the influencer could start by actually using and promoting sustainable products when she’s throwing a birthday bash!! Do you REALLY need all those balloons, Khlo?!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?! Do you think Khloé’s rant was well intentioned or does she totally look like a hypocrite to you too? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram]

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