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Look Out Kim Kardashian! A Canadian Blogger Who Looks JUST Like The A-Lister Is Gaining Fame Online!

kim kardashian look alike
Wait, double take!
Recently, it’s been revealed that Kim Kardashian West has a doppelg├â┬ñnger in Canada. Yup, you read that correctly!
A blogger has shocked fans of the KUWTK starlet for looking almost identical to Kimmy Kakes and has even copied her fashion choices. Toronto resident, Kamilla Osman, has gained around 70,000 followers on Instagram with many fans calling Miz Osman the mother-of-two’s twin.
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In fact, the up-and-comer has only been on the picture sharing site for three months. Fierce!
One fan commented:

“How is this not Kim K??”

HA! We’re pretty baffled too.
Though not everyone seems so sold on the look alike. Another follower added:

“Why are people so amazed with someone who’s trying to be like someone else? To me that’s f*cking psychotic and creepy as f*ck… Like b*tch live your OWN life and be true to YOU. So pathetic.”

Ouch! Tell us how you really feel.
How about you?! Are you sold on Miz Kardashian West’s double??
Be sure to ch-ch-check out all the CRAZY pics for yourself (above)!
[Image via Kamilla Osman/Instagram.]

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Dec 22, 2015 13:36pm PDT