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Kourtney Kardashian Was Scared Her Vagina Would ‘Fall Out’ After Giving Birth To Rocky!

Kourtney Kardashian Was Scared Her Vagina Would ‘Fall Out’ After Giving Birth To Rocky

What terrified Kourtney Kardashian the most after giving birth to Rocky? It wasn’t the idea of sleepless nights or having to manage a big blended family of seven kids now with husband Travis Barker! Nope! She was scared of what would happen to her poor vagina!

Throughout the new episode of The Kardashians on Thursday, the Poosh founder opened up about her life after welcoming her fourth child — including how she was staying home for 40 days and 40 nights during her postpartum recovery. She said in a confessional how she’s taking part in the tradition of la cuarentena, explaining:

“In many different cultures, women don’t leave the house after having a baby for 40 days, to let your body have that time to heal and beyond that. I’m really into attachment parenting. I really don’t separate from him. I love being at home right now, like my time is dedicated to taking care of my baby and bonding with him.”

Sounds lovely! But it turns out the healing part is at the front of her mind…

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While Kourtney recovers and bonds with her baby boy at home, she’s also trying to find ways to keep her “vagina intact.” We’re serious! The reality star really is afraid her vagina will “fall out,” so she’s attempted different things to prevent that from happening! Kourt told her mom Kris Jenner during a fitting for the Emmys:

“I still have 10 pounds if I care to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I care to get back, but I’m breastfeeding so I’m taking my time.”

However, she isn’t too worried about working out to shed the weight she gained during her pregnancy! As we said, the momma is more concerned about her K-hole instead! She continued:

“And they say to keep your vagina intact you should not jump or run for six months.”

Kourtney further elaborated on the medical concerns in a confessional:

“Well, you can have prolapse, which is where your vagina can fall out, I think. Supposedly, there’s things you can do to keep it up there.”

She was close! According to John Hopkins Medicine, a vaginal prolapse occurs when the “pelvic floor muscles, tissues and ligaments weaken and stretch,” which results in the top of the vagina — or vaginal vault — sagging and falling into the vaginal canal. But in very severe cases, it can “protrude outside of the body.” Yeesh! This just sounds super uncomfortable and painful. No wonder Kourtney was so scared!

So what has Kourtney done to keep her lady parts intact? She told Kris she’s “just been walking” and doing Pilates. We’re surprised she didn’t try her miracle cure again — drinking a glass of breast milk! LOLz! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Drop ’em in the comments!

[Image via The Kardashians/Hulu]

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