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Shanna Moakler Now Claims She's 'Never Even Met' Kourtney Kardashian -- Really?!

Shanna Moakler Now Claims She's 'Never Even Met' Kourtney Kardashian -- Really?!

Shanna Moakler has a LOT to say about Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. But the most surprising revelation of all the ones she’s been dropping lately is that she’s never even met Kourt! Wait, what?!

As we’ve been covering, the 49-year-old actress-slash-model has been speaking out to People in a series of interviews released on Tuesday. Shanna has already gotten real about eating her feelings while trying to cope with the deaths of her parents. And she’s also gotten back to s**t talking the KarJenner fam — something she does a lot. But now, she’s claiming she doesn’t even know Kourtney personally. At all!

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Speaking about her adult children Alabama and Landon Barker, who she shares with ex Travis, and Atiana De La Hoya, who she shares with ex Oscar De La Hoya, Shanna revealed they are huge fans of the adorable baby Rocky Thirteen Barker born months ago to the Poosh founder. Moakler said:

“They love the baby. They said that he’s beautiful, and yeah, they’re all happy. They’re good. So, that’s all I care about.”

Great! But then here’s the kicker: Moakler added that she personally has “never even met” Kourtney. Even though Alabama and Landon have lived with Kourt and Travis, and are REALLY close to the Lemme founder and her famous fam, Shanna hasn’t gotten around to meeting Kourtney in person!! Seriously! And it doesn’t sound like she wants to meet up, either. Moakler said:

“I think people think I was angry [at the Kardashians]. But I’m not angry. It wasn’t anger. I think I get maybe frustrated, but I’m also from the East Coast and I swear a lot and I can be very direct sometimes. And I think some people take that as anger where I’m just very real where I’m like, ‘f**k the family.’ I don’t have to f**king like the family. And it’s like, there’s people that don’t like it.”

OK then…

The issue of Alabama and Landon choosing to live with Travis (and Kourtney) has stuck in Shanna’s craw, though. She explained how it irks her that fans assume she “became a deadbeat mom” and “wasn’t in my children’s lives” after Alabama and Landon showed up so frequently around Kourt. Plus, it didn’t help that Alabama pretty much directly said as much, too! Nevertheless, Shanna explained:

“People are like, ‘Why do your kids live with Travis?’ So I would gladly set the record straight. I have never not been involved in my children’s lives. I’ve always had shared custody.”

And she went on:

“My children are now 18, 20, and 25 at this point. So, my children are grown. I’m basically an empty nester at this point. They are living their lives.”

Well, that’s a good point. In the end, after asserting that she seems like a “deadbeat mom” because Alabama and Landon chose to do COVID social distancing at Travis’ place and that’s where all the drama stems from, she slammed fans for demeaning her as a mother. She called it “devastating” and “untrue,” before adding:

“I think the most disgusting thing you can do to a woman is to demean her as a mother. No one can tell me how to speak about it because I’m the one that’s getting bullied … about not being a [good] mother. I’m there for my children every day.”


Something tells us Alabama might beg to differ, at least! What do U make of Shanna’s assertion that she’s never met Kourtney, though?? Surprised?! Sound OFF in the comments (below)…

[Image via Sheri Determan/MEGA/WENN]

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