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Kyle Rittenhouse's Family Begs For Help Amid Eviction -- As They Claim He Abandoned Them After Wisconsin Shooting

Kyle Rittenhouse's Family Days Away From Eviction -- As They Claim He Abandoned Them After Wisconsin Shooting

Kyle Rittenhouse‘s family is calling him out as they suffer financial consequences after his shooting scandal!

As Perezcious readers know, on August 25, 2020, Kyle fatally shot two men and seriously injured another after a riot broke out at a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was just 17 at the time and claimed he showed up to protect businesses from looting. He was ultimately found not guilty of two counts of homicide, two counts of reckless endangerment, and one count of attempted homicide when a jury decided he acted in self-defense. Since then, he’s turned into a conservative influencer — but one who’s widely distanced himself from his family, apparently!

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On May 29, Kyle’s sister Faith Rittenhouse set up a GoFundMe page (HERE) on behalf of herself and her family, pleading for donations to help them stay in their home — with just 8 days left before they were due to be evicted! Yikes! She explained:

“Our family has been through unimaginable hardships, and now we find ourselves on the brink of losing everything. Just under 4 years ago, our lives were shattered when my brother was involved in a tragic shooting incident. The aftermath of this event uprooted our family’s stability and left us grappling with grief, trauma, and the harsh reality of starting over. We know that we are not the only family struggling to rebuild after that fateful night.”

She blamed the aftermath of Kyle’s legal trouble for the family’s financial downfall, adding:

“In the wake of this tragedy, my family, among many other families, has faced countless challenges. We’ve had difficulty obtaining and maintaining employment due to the fact many people still believe my mother [Wendy Rittenhouse] drove Kyle or was somehow involved in his decision to go to Kenosha. We’ve struggled emotionally, mentally, and financially to piece our lives back together. With my brother’s unwillingness to provide support or contribute to our family, we’ve been left to navigate this journey on our own.”

Plus, Faith has also “lost” her job amid “frequent hospitalizations due to medical issues” that caused her to be “unable to work over the last four months making it extremely difficult to provide.” She continued:

“Despite our best efforts to rebuild and move forward, we’ve hit another devastating roadblock. We’ve fallen behind on rent, and now we’re facing eviction with only 8 days left in our apartment. The thought of losing our home, our sanctuary in the midst of chaos, is overwhelming and terrifying. We’ve exhausted every resource available to us, but we’re still coming up short. The reality is that we have nowhere else to turn, and time is running out. We’re pleading for your help, your generosity, and your compassion to see us through this crisis.”

Faith was seeking $3,000 to prevent the eviction but had only raised $1,920 by Friday, per Newsweek — which, by the way, was several weeks past the 8-day eviction date. So, it’s unclear if they had enough money to stay in the home or not. As of now, they have surpassed more than $6,300 in donations thanks to more media attention on the campaign and are now hoping to raise $6,500.

By the way, Faith isn’t necessarily looking for monetary help from her controversial sibling. On the June 2 episode of the V-Radio podcast, she explained that she was hospitalized with appendicitis and had been in the hospital six times over the past six months, noting:

“When I was in the hospital we tried to like talk to my brother, we tried to tell his lawyer to tell, like, my brother, like, I was maybe needing surgery or like I was in the hospital, I never heard from him.”

She continued:

“I saw a comment saying, ‘Why doesn’t she take care of it, is she not a grown woman?’ I wouldn’t expect him to take care of it, I would just expect him to care.”

She claims the last time she spoke to her bro was in May 2023 — and the last time they saw each other in person was before Christmas in 2022. Supporters have since taken to Kyle’s social media pages to demand he help out his family. So far, it doesn’t seem like the 21-year-old has responded to the criticism, though.

Thoughts? Do U think Kyle’s obligated to help his family?? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via GoFundMe & Law&Crime Network/YouTube]

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