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Justin Timberlake Reportedly Was Pulled Over By Cop & 'Advised Not To Drive' Minutes Before DWI Arrest -- But He Ignored The Warning!

Justin Timberlake Reportedly Was ‘Stopped And Advised Not To Drive’ By Cop Minutes Before DWI Arrest -- But He Ignored The Warning!

New details have come out about Justin Timberlake’s driving while intoxicated arrest.

As we reported, the 43-year-old pop star was partying with friends at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor, New York, earlier this week when he got in a car and drove off while intoxicated. When police pulled Justin over after spotting him blowing through a stop sign and weaving in his lane, he looked drunk to them, failed the field sobriety test, and refused a breathalyzer three times. So, the officer arrested him for DWI.

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Days after being released from custody, Justin addressed the drunk driving debacle during his concert at the United Center in Chicago. He told the crowd:

“We’ve been together through ups and downs, lefts and rights. It’s been a tough week, but you’re here, and I’m here and nothing can change this moment right now. I know I’m hard to love sometimes but you keep loving me right back and I love you right back.”

However, it turns out his “tough week” could have been avoided — if he only listened to the first warning from the same young cop who hilariously didn’t recognize him and arrested him! A local law enforcement told The New York Post on Saturday Justin was actually stopped twice on the night of his arrest! When the officer identified as 23-year-old Michael Arkinson first pulled him over, he let him off with only a warning! The source claimed:

“He was stopped and advised not to drive. The officer didn’t recognize him; he’s a young guy. And he still gave Justin a break, because he didn’t pose an immediate danger.”

According to the insider, Arkinson “thought that was the end of it, that this guy would get a ride home.” But Justin didn’t get someone sober to drive him home. Instead, he continued to his journey! The source noted that while the young cop was patrolling a different side of the area “several minutes later,” Justin “was observed by the same officer, driving” his vehicle again. So, Arkinson, stopped him again. And we all know what happened from there. So, rather than taking the cop’s good advice and getting a ride, he potentially put someone else’s life in danger by remaining behind the wheel of the car while intoxicated? Wow. As the source bluntly put it:

“What a dumbass. I am thinking he could afford a driver. How’s that for entitlement?”

If this is true, it is not a good look for JT — especially as he plans to fight the charge against him! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below.

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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