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Lauren Conrad Admits She Cut The Hills Cast From Her Life For THIS Reason!

Lauren Conrad Whitney Port The Hills Cast

This was The Hills closure we needed!!

It’s been a few years since Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port have caught up with each other, but they did just that on Tuesday’s episode of the With Whit podcast — and it was just like old times in the Teen Vogue fashion closet!

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But before these ladies could discuss the present day, they had something serious to hash out from their days following The Hills. See, when Lauren decided to step back from the world of reality TV after three years on the MTV series, which came after her time on Laguna Beach in high school:

“I stopped filming and then I just kind of needed a clean break for a minute to kind of emotionally recover. I took some time off and then obviously moved out of L.A.”

She revealed that she “did it as long as I could,” and after taking a step back from the reality TV world, she realized it was “such an off time.”

It was so unhealthy she had to distance herself from her castmates entirely! She explained to her former TV bestie:

“It was one of those things where I was like, ‘OK, well, this isn’t like a healthy space for me anymore.’ I need to kind of, like, live my own life and do this. I kind of, like, removed myself from that whole scene. Really.”

The former castmates and Teen Vogue interns also had a heart-to-heart moment in which Lauren made it clear to The City alum that she didn’t mean to intentionally distance herself, sharing “it had nothing to do with you personally” — it was because of the cameras:

“It’s just really being like, ‘OK, like I need to live my life.’ I lived a certain way for so long and, like, as much as I am appreciative and I love you and I love so many people we’ve worked with, like, you know, there is certain, like, toxic elements there and it’s really hard. And I was like, ‘OK, I got to just like step away from this world’ and, like, kind of heal in a way and, like, figure out who I want to be. Because again, like, we started so young and I was, like, it’s such a time where you’re figuring out who you are. And I did it in such a weird way. Like, I need to do this on my own now with no other voices or just, like, literally living my life for me.”

We definitely saw those toxic moments play out on TV!

She added (below):

“I have so much love in my heart for you. And, like, we shared this really, weird, unique thing. And I think it is — it’s like old college friends, you know, I’ll always remember you like that, and I’ll never have that with anybody else.”


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The With Whit host responded:

“Like, totally. Like, nobody really knows the stuff that we know. It’s just these roots that are always very strong. And even when I’m talking to you now, I’m like, ‘Oh, it feels totally normal.’ Like, I’m just sitting with you in that closet again. So that feels really nice.”

Let’s hope that after the pandemic is over they can have an IRL reunion, and maybe bring their kiddos along! Part two of their conversation drops September 29 btw, and we are so here for it!

[Image via MTV/YouTube.]

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