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LeVar Burton's Daughter Masterfully Trolls Him Over His Much-Anticipated Jeopardy! Hosting Gig!

LeVar Burton's daughter trolls him amid his Jeopardy! on-air guest hosting gig!

There’s nothing quite like a daughter trolling her father — and then for him to turn around and deliver an “embarrassing dad” remark to make the whole moment just perfect!

This time around, it’s Mica Burton — daughter of Reading Rainbow alum LeVar Burton — who took to social media this week to playfully troll the 64-year-old’s new and log-awaited hosting gig on Jeopardy!

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Though Burton will never replace the late Alex Trebek — no one can, TBH — the Roots star gave it his best shot in his debut on Monday evening hosting the über-smart quiz show. Having seen the episode on air, we think Burton was just fine delivering questions and manning the hosting desk.

But Mica doesn’t quite feel the same way?!

In a HIGHlarious video clip posted across her social media accounts, Mica showed her father sitting in the family’s living room watching his own Jeopardy! debut as it aired! Sort of an out-of-body experience if we’ve ever seen one! LOLz!

As Mica pans the camera back and forth from the screen to her father’s chair, she says:

“He’s there, but he’s there. But he’s on TV. But he’s there.”

With laughter heard in the background, LeVar eventually caves into the trolling and playfully asks her to stop! Poor guy!

Ch-ch-check out the tweet (below), in which Mica notes how blessed LeVar ought to be “for putting up with me”:

Ha! Love it!!

She also posted the clip directly on her TikTok account, writing this in the caption (below):

“Messing with my dad while he’s on TV. The ‘will you stop?!’ is so dad of him.”


Of course, Burton is one of several in a long lineup of guest hosts who have thus far temporarily stepped in after Trebek’s tragic death back in early November of last year.

In addition to the Star Trek: The Next Generation star — who was largely swept into hosting duties after fans rallied around his inclusion via internet campaigns and social media comments — other celebs who have so far graced the Jeopardy! stage include Dr. Oz (yuck!), Robin RobertsJoe Buck, and George Stephanopoulos.

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And while a permanent replacement for Trebek has yet to be announced, there have already been some good choices standing out among the guest hosts. We definitely loved to see LeVar doing his thing this week, if we’re being honest. Aside from his daughter’s trolling, maybe the should ought to be his moving forward?? Just saying!!

What do U think about the future of Jeopardy!, Perezcious readers?? Who should be the show’s full-time host?!

Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Bernd Ullrich/Nicky Nelson/WENN]

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