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Life According To Britney

Poor B. Seems like there’s more turmoil than usual in the home front.
Spears has put her Beverly Hills home up for sale. Her mansion in Malibu is also up for grabs, if you have $12 million to shell out.
In the meantime, Britney’s been staying at the Four Seasons Hotel and is rumored to be having major drama with Kevin Federline, who still refuses to sign the divorce documents and may have called Children’s Protective Services on her ghetto ass last week.
Spears’ homes are said to be unsafe for her little boo boos – there are no safety barriers around her pools.
And, that big boo boo, Kfed, seems to have finally moved on from Britney. The failed rapper is said to be dating an LA radio DJ, Luscious Liz.
All this talk of dramz and no talk about Britney and her “music.”
Comeback? Highly unlikely!
P.S. Just for shiz and gigglez. CLICK HERE to see the uncensored version of the photo above!
[Image via Mavrix Online.]


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Jul 12, 2007 13:10pm PDT