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Does Lisa Vanderpump Care About Her Employees?! Because They're PISSED At Her Minimum Wage Protest!

Does Lisa Vanderpump Care About Her Employees?! Because They're PISSED At Her Minimum Wage Protest!

What are you doing Lisa Vanderpump?!

The reality TV mogul and restaurateur is catching heat in all the worst ways this week after coming forward in a political move to oppose the city of West Hollywood’s proposal to raise the minimum wage. And now she’s hearing about her opposition to the idea — from Bravo fans AND from her own employees!

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It all started on a Zoom call this week, first shared by local El Lay news outlet ABC 7, during which Lisa spoke directly to WeHo’s city council members about their consideration to raise the minimum wage to $17.64, which would be the highest amount in the country right now.

The 61-year-old reality TV star and business owner told the politicians:

“I just implore you to really give this a lot of thought. Because I do believe if we raise the minimum wage now, it’s going to be counter productive.”

Counter-productive for whom, her employees at SurTomTom, and Pump who stand to make more money and have a better quality of life?!?! Or for herself and her biz partner, husband Ken Todd, who haven’t exactly been that forthcoming about their employees’ wages in the first place?! Just asking…

Miffed by Lisa’s open rejection of raising the minimum wage, a Pump worker SLAMMED Vanderpump in a conversation with The Sun. The anonymous, enraged staff member said:

“She’s a busy woman so for her to take time out of her day to go and fight for us to get paid even less is quite frankly disgusting but not surprising. We work for a wealthy woman and to hear her blatantly say ‘I don’t agree with increasing this wage’ is like a knife to the heart from someone who claims to care about her employees so much. None of us feel good about it but that’s working for Lisa for you.”


Amid the social media outcry that followed Vanderpump’s comments, the Brit took to Twitter late Thursday morning to further address the situation. Explaining she’d wanted the city to implement a “two-fold approach” involving a tiered wage system (for tipped and non-tipped employees), Lisa shared in part:

“What we proposed to the city council was not to disregard raising the minimum wage — it was to approach it in a twofold manner. 1) to delay this vote until restaurants can get back on their feet during this deadly pandemic, and 2) as Weho is a progressive city, to consider restructuring the minimum wage pay scale so that certain categories of tipped employees (often making $500/night and often up to $100K per year, far exceeding minimum wage) are not considered in the same class as non-tipped hourly employees who rely solely on minimum wage.”

Here’s her full tweet (below):

A two-tiered system might have some value at high-end restaurants where some customers often tip really well. No guarantees to those gratuities, though. And anyway, what’s wrong with paying hard-working people more across the board, regardless of job role?!?!

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Unmoved by Lisa’s protests and plainly aware of the irony of a very rich woman trying to resist paying more to her employees, many fans expressed their contempt for the whole situation on Twitter. Here are just a few of the many reactions that have come rolling in:

“Lisa vanderpump, who has millions, opposes minimum wage because she says it will be counterproductive? Girl be quiet”

“Can we just get rid of the concept of tipping though? No one should survive on the fluctuations of generosity in others”

“Surprised to say the least. Not everyone in West Hollywood has the luxury of being on a reality tv show.”

“You’re disgraceful! Look after your employees and they’ll look after you!”

“A millionaire who got $500,000 in PPP loans for ONE restaurant talking about tiered wages… give me a break”

“Is Lisa Vanderpump really on TV saying raising the minimum wage in Weho will be ‘counterproductive’ while she lives in a giant house with swans and ponies in the hills? I hate it here”

“you literally have swans as decorations at your mansion. paying your workers a liveable wage isn’t going to break the bank.”


What do U think about this controversy, Perezcious readers?! Should Lisa have jumped in it at all??

[Image via ABC News/YouTube]

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