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Love Is Blind

THIS Love Is Blind Star Is Joining OnlyFans!!!

love is blind : this season 2 star is joining onlyfans

Love is definitely not blind over on OnlyFans… but it might be getting a little blurry.

Now that Love is Blind season two has wrapped up, the cast is either moving forward with their happy relationships or taking advantage of their newfound fame. Or, in some cases, infamy. And if they’re looking to cash in while their star is on the rise, what better place than OnlyFans?

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So which season two star is getting into bed with the controversial subscription service? The answer may surprise you.


Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee!

That’s right, the show’s most recent villain continues to court controversy by joining the risqué content platform. Don’t expect anything too scandalous, though, because the veterinarian already made clear he’s taking his account in a different direction.

The Netflix star addressed his new partnership after posting on Instagram about his new lady love, including one where she wore an OnlyFans hoodie. As it turns out, she was just sampling the “dope merch” at his request, and in fact, Shake is the one who “entered an agreement” with the site. To clear things up, he wrote in another post on Monday:

“Let’s clarify something: my girlfriend Emily is NOT on @onlyfans . It’s ME that is and I have some really fun stuff in the works with them!

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He added:

“Ps. Please don’t assume this will be all adult material. The platform is actually quite amazing and known for A LOT more than what you think. That being said, I consider myself both body and sex positive so there will definitely be interesting content and guests featured

shake chatterjee : promises thought provoking content on onlyfans ig story
(c) Shake Chatterjee/Instagram

OnlyFans distancing itself from its foundation as a sex worker platform is a whole other can of worms. But if you watched Love is Blind, you may raise your eyebrows at Shake’s claim of body positivity. After all, his defining trait on the show was making disrespectful comments towards the female contestants’ bodies! But over on his IG Stories, the 33-year-old said:

“For all of you saying I’m not body positive bc of some reality show… Y’all about to find out

shake chatterjee " says he's body positive on onlyfans instagram story
(c) Shake Chatterjee/Instagram

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Responding to another fan’s comment on the subject, he argued:

“[Just] because I am more attracted to a certain type of body doesn’t mean I don’t value and appreciate other body types.”

shake chatterjee : argues that he really is body positive in instagram comments
(c) Shake Chatterjee/Instagram

Uh huh, sure. We shudder to wonder how Shake is going to capitalize on his brand of “body positivity” for OnlyFans. He did promise “thought provoking content,” and we are indeed finding this thought very provoking, so we’ll give him that. Best of luck to him in his future endeavors!

[Image via Netflix/YouTube & OnlyFans]

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