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Love Is Blind's Deepti Vempati SLAMS Ex Shake Chatterjee & His Apology: 'He Wasted My Experience'

love is blind : deepti slams shake's apology, says he wasted her time on the show

Deepti Vempati does NOT accept Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee’s apology.

Shake has kind of been reveling in his role as the villain of Love is Blind season two. But even though he’s all gung-ho about his “Love is Blurry” podcast, he took the time to make a delayed apology to his ex-fiancée, Deepti, for the disrespectful way he talked about and treated her during the season.

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Unfortunately for him, Deepti is not buying it.

In a new interview with, she said:

“This is the first time he’s apologized. Right before he made that video, he sent me the same text message. But for me… it’s too late.”

The reality star went on:

“I feel like he’s just doing damage control and clearly what he’s continued to do on social media since that apology, it’s evident that he does not care. He did that for show. He did that to get less hate but he’s not sorry. I honestly don’t want anything to do with him and his apology is fake. It feels insincere.”

She questioned:

“Why now? After 4/5 weeks of this happening… as soon as episode 1-4 dropped he should have been apologizing if it really was sincere and from the heart. He’s only done it because he’s getting a lot of hate.”

And BTW, Deepti isn’t the only one owed an apology, in her opinion. He expressed some uncomfortable things about the bodies of other female contestants on the show, and apparently what he said off the show was even worse. She dished:

“My cast mates felt it was disrespectful and out of line for him to speak in that way. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion but it wasn’t just me, he was talking to the other cast mates very degradingly and disrespectfully and it hit a nerve with everyone, we had enough.”

As for the veterinarian’s claim he got a “bad edit,” his ex shut it down:

“I’m not going to get into the specifics but he got a good edit. He said much worse and not just to me, sometimes he just talks disrespectfully about women in general and that’s outside of the cast. We started to notice that behavior when we hung out with him after filming wrapped. All of us have distanced ourselves and that’s okay.”

The crazy thing is, even though Deepti left Shake at the altar, she still walked away hoping they would be friends.

The Netflix star reflected:

“I was happy on my wedding day because we could celebrate our friendship at least — but I had no idea what he had been saying. How could I have got married? For me, the switch came a couple of dates before the wedding, we were trying to grow our intimacy and I thought to myself ‘What am I doing? Why am I forcing something that doesn’t exist? Do I even want Shake as a husband?’ He started to show qualities that I wasn’t looking for in my partner. I just knew this was not my person. It was the best decision I made.”

Knowing now the totality of the hurtful remarks her fiancé had been making behind her back cuts even deeper, especially because it hit at some of her deepest insecurities.

The fan favorite reality TV star explained:

“My whole life I have been struggling because I have wanted to fit in. Coming to America and not looking like everyone, talking like everyone, I was bullied a lot, I was overweight, and I had a lot of a self-body image issues. In adulthood I have worked hard to build that back and know that I shouldn’t run from my culture because it’s amazing. It has taken me a lot of time to be in this confident place.”

The television personality continued:

“That’s why I am so disappointed because if Shake does place so much importance on the physical appearance and that’s a deal breaker then maybe Love Is Blind wasn’t the show for him. He wasted my experience. Maybe if I was blonde and different looking he may have married me.”

So sad.

Deepti admitted:

“I have to say I was broken during the process. That’s why I am so grateful for my family and friends because they constantly reminded me throughout the experience ‘Don’t forget the work that you have done on yourself.’ I go through periods of being angry, but I need to remember I went through this for a reason to build my confidence even more and know I can get through anything.”

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That’s a positive spin on what must have been a really upsetting experience. But her time on the show may not have been totally wasted, because she did gain a relationship with Kyle Abrams… even if it’s not a romantic one. (Yet?!?!)

Deepti said:

“A lot of people don’t know that Kyle was my no2 person in the pods. We did connect a lot, we spent hours and hours talking and after filming wrapped, we started talking again. He’s my best friend, biggest support system, and I am grateful for him and the rest of the cast for supporting me. I don’t know about anything more at this stage because we’re just good friends.”

Listen, after what she went through with Shake, we understand if Deepti needs to wait a beat before diving into another romance.

But if she were to ever end up with Kyle, it would kind of make the Love Is Blind experience worth it… right???

Just saying!!!

[Image via Netflix/YouTube]

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