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Watch This Mariah Carey Interview Get AWKWARD When She Thinks She's Being Mocked!

Mariah Carey Are You Mocking Me Awkward Interview Alison Hammond This Morning

“Are you mocking me?”

Those are some words you definitely don’t want to hear from anyone you’re interviewing on daytime TV, but least of all Mariah Carey!

After all, she may be a Christmas angel and sweet as Honey, but she’s also known for using her diva powers in a not so nice way when she’s of a mind.

(Santa once put Mariah Carey on the naughty list, but when she was asked about it, Mariah said of Saint Nick, “I don’t know her,” and Santa was so shaded he STOPPED EXISTING. True story.)

So naturally things got very tense for Alison Hammond who heard those very words while interviewing the Elusive Chanteuse for ITV‘s This Morning on Thursday.

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At first the two got along as they made Happy Holidays cards together — nothing like bonding over a little arts and crafts, especially for a mommy like Mariah.

Things only got heated when the adorable Alison dipped her toe into Mariah’s end of the pool — singing a Christmas song! She broached:

“Now obviously you’re very good at writing Christmas songs. I was just wondering if I could run my tune past you and…”

Mariah was having none of it from the start. She interrupted:

“I would have you keep it to yourself.”

To which Alison looks at the camera Office style and says, “OK.” And they both have a good laugh. Because obviously the All I Want For Christmas Is You singer couldn’t have been serious… right??

Eventually Alison dives in, saying:

“You know what, I’m going to go for it anyway because it’s not finished. You don’t have to look at me cuz it’s live. It’s a bit intimidating.”

Mariah responds:

“No, no, it’s fine. I’m enjoying the moment.”

She then hilariously warbles her way through a series of Merry Christmases with no real melody. After she finishes, Mariah asks the soon-to-be memed question:

“Are you mocking me?”

Alison vehemently denies any shade at all, but Mariah keeps needling:

“Are you mocking me, Alison, after I made this card for you and everything?”

Ha! We’re pretty sure she was joking. Pretty sure.

Immediately afterward, she did offer some advice on the “song,” saying:

“It’s fabulous. You could just add a (sings) ‘to you…’ to the end of it and that would, you know, get the Merry Christmases in.”

See? She totally has a sense of humor about herself! She isn’t going to banish the lovable Alison to whatever cornfield Nick Cannon‘s career disappeared to! Ha!

See the HIGHlarious holiday moment for yourself (below)!

[Image via ITV/Twitter.]

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