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Meghan Markle & Hillary Clinton Secretly Met For The First Time This Week!

Meghan Markle Hillary Clinton Secret Meeting Frogmore Cottage

It seems Meghan Markle is still with her.

Remember when the Duchess of Sussex refused to meet with Donald Trump? Sure, the official word was she was still recovering from giving birth, but we also know his racist, sexist, and anti-intellectual rhetoric are enough to make even the most hale and hardy momma sick.

Something tells us if it hadn’t been for the bab there would have been some other excuse not to get too close to President P***y Grabber.

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But Hillary Clinton on the other hand?? Her she’ll make time for!

Meghan and Hillary met for the first time on Tuesday, according to a Buckingham Palace spokesperson. And despite the fame of the women involved, they were able to keep it secret for three whole days! (It sounds like we’re being sarcastic, but honestly that’s impressive!)

The “friendly, informal meeting,” as the Palace described it, was apparently arranged by the Sussex fam’s press secretary Sara Latham, who had an in as she used to work for Hillary.

According to a source spilling to People, they hit it off right away. Meghan shared an anecdote about having written a letter when she was just 11 years old to Hillary — then the First Lady — about a sexist dishwasher soap ad.

But the talk was mostly not on modern politics but instead focused on an actual baby — the adorable little Archie. The insider says:

“It was sweet. [Hillary] got to hold him and snuggled him. She is very proud of Chelsea’s three kids and there was lots of chatter about newborns and feeding schedules.”

According to the source, Meghan told the former Secretary of State Archie was already crawling, something Hillary said was “early for six months.”

“It was a private and sweet moment. They were equally excited to meet each other.”


Hillary had spoken earlier in the day, during an interview on BBC Radio 5, about her support for the Duchess amid her troubles with the spotlight:

“I feel as a mother I just want to put my arms around her. Oh my God, I want to hug her. I want to tell her to hang in there. Don’t let those bad guys get you down. Keep going. Do what you think is right.”

And you know what? They did share a hug later that day!

Hillary also gushed:

“I have a great feeling toward and about her because it’s one thing to be told what it will be like when you step onto the biggest stage with the brightest spotlight… and yet it still is really hard to imagine. It takes some getting used to, to have your every move scrutinized and analyzed and frankly things made up about…

You know, it’s not easy. And there are some techniques that can be learned along the way, some humor, some deflection, whatever, which I’m sure she will come to. But it is tough what she is going through. And I think she deserves a lot better…

And I really wish her and her husband the very best because they are struggling to have a life of meaning and integrity on their own terms. And that’s hard enough if you’re just walking around in today’s world, but if you’re on that big a platform, it’s really difficult.”

Such kind words.

What would Trump say? Oh yeah, he called her nasty and said she takes things too personally.

Meghan definitely chose the right tea companion.

[Image via Phil Lewis/WENN/Instar.]

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