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Trump Thinks Meghan Markle Takes Press Coverage Too Personally?!?

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Donald Trump and Meghan Markle don’t have much in common.

Sure, they’re both TV stars who now find themselves in remarkable platforms from which millions of people scrutinize their every word… but the messages they put into the world couldn’t be further apart.

As the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has been a champion of female education and empowerment around the globe and has embraced hubby Prince Harry‘s position as a staunch conservationist trying to get out the message to change our habits in an effort to reverse the disastrous effects of climate change.

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Since his election Trump has been a symbol of the oppression of women, a credibly accused sexual predator who bragged about assault on tape and still got into a position where he gets to appoint judges intent on removing women’s medical rights. He’s also been as anti-science as any president in history, disregarding climate change unequivocally as a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese and pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement.

She’s been a figure of hope for little girls of color who can finally see someone who looks like them represented in the world’s most exclusive circles.

He has been a beacon for hate, enacting cruel policies against immigrants and whipping up a wave of xenophobia with racism both dog whistled and outright.

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However, these two very different figures do have something key in common. Neither is happy with their media attention.

Trump was interviewed this week on London-based talk radio station LBC by Brexit leader and all-around right wing wingnut Nigel Farage. The fellow conservative brought up Meghan, asking what the American president thought of the Royal “saying that the press is being really unfair” to her.

The POTUS spoke with rather more knowledge on the Meghan Markle news cycle than we’ve seen him display on actual policy, saying:

“I’ve been watching her interviews and I’ve seen it and she has been taking it very personally.”

Um, what?? There’s the pot calling the kettle black and then there’s this. We mean, this is like if Donald Trump Jr. went on TV and said he wished his name was Hunter Biden so he could make millions off his daddy’s name.

Wait, seriously? That happened??


Trump the elder continued:

“I guess you have to be a little bit different than that, but she takes it very, very personally. I can understand it.”

Seriously. He’s going to say she takes it personally?

Yes, Meghan is in the middle of a lawsuit against a UK tabloid for leaking her private correspondence, and doing so in a dishonest way to feed a cruel narrative about her. And Harry is filing against more outlets for invasion of privacy.

But sorry, that’s nothing compared to our paper-thin-skinned president.

Trump has been railing against the press since the beginning, calling them first FAKE NEWS and then evolving that into calling the press the “enemy of the people” — creating an environment in which journalists’ lives are in danger from fanatics. He whinges consistently about how badly he’s treated. He told people in the government to cancel subscriptions to newspapers he doesn’t like, he tried to get SNL canceled for mocking him, as they’ve mocked every president since their inception.

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Reporters inform citizens of the myriad accusations against him and fact check his constant false statements, and he calls it a smear campaign.

No one in modern history has taken their press coverage so personally as Donald J. Trump. And he’s going to call her out on that??

At the end of the day, the difference is still significant: Meghan and Harry want the tabloids to stop invading their privacy, mining for every bit of personal information they can to continue selling a picture of some kind of scheming outsider wrecking the royal family.

Meanwhile Trump wants a media which will blindly praise him, the way dictators have. He calls out the free press because he wants the American people to distrust accurate reports about him and only believe what he says because it’s the only way to keep enough supporters.

For House Sussex, this is personal. Trump may take it all personally, but for him it’s about power.

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