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Metallica Cancels, Hetfield Sick

Bad news for Swedish rock fans. The aging rockers of Metallica were forced to cancel their second of two shows in Stockholm this weekend.
Unfortunately for lead singer James Hetfield, he got really sick last night. In fact, they even had to take him to the hospital!
Metallica’s rep is blaming the illness on “dehydration”. The result of a stomach bug they claim which reportedly affected him right before the start of the concert.
The rest of the band only got on stage to inform fans that the show was being canceled. Talk about last minute cancellation!
Lars Ulrich took the mic and said, “As you can see, one of us is missing tonight.” Adding that they were “truly, truly, truly sorry” for the literally last-minute cancellation.
Ulrich continued, “Trust me, none of you guys wanna hear me, Rob [Trujillo] or Kirk [Hammett] sing.”
Sucks for the over 16,000 people that showed up!
As for Hetfield, he seems to have gotten better rather quickly. He was released later that night and then returned to the U.S.
Some good news, though. According to a posting on Metallica’s site yesterday, the band said “The show WILL be rescheduled sometime this spring, so keep watching this space for more details.”
[Image via WENN.]

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Mar 09, 2009 13:38pm PDT

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