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MTV VMAs: Conor McGregor & Machine Gun Kelly Square Up For Physical Altercation On The Red Carpet -- WTF?!

MTV VMAs: Conor McGregor & Machine Gun Kelly Square Up For Physical Altercation On The Red Carpet -- WTF?!

This could have gotten VERY ugly between Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly.

In fact, the folks at the MTV VMAs are lucky enough people were on hand to step in between the famed UFC superstar and the performer on Sunday night, because a full altercation on the red carpet would have been something nasty!

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As the stars descended on the Barclays Center in NYC to take in the VMAs on Sunday evening, McGregor was caught on camera approaching MGK on the red carpet in the lead-up to the event. Based on the video itself, it’s not clear what led up to the little tiff, but we definitely see the Irish fighter lunge forward at one point before being held back by security.

It appears as though the two are exchanging words, before McGregor tosses a drink towards Megan Fox‘s boyfriend with his left hand. Apparently, Fox was close by, considering she walked the red carpet with her man that night, though it’s not clear whether she (or Kelly) were actually hit with the drink.

Multiple reports allege McGregor also later tried to throw punches, although those claims are not captured in video of the incident that has already made its way to social media. Considering the fighter is still recovering from a nasty broken leg suffered during his recent match against Dustin Poirier — McGregor walked with a cane while going down the red carpet on Sunday — trying to fight somebody is a decision, y’all.

As you can see (below) in the incident caught on tape, the duo was quickly separated by multiple security members and other support staff who were on hand to keep things running, even as the crowd reacted while watching it go down:


What is that about?! Obviously, McGregor knows a thing or two about fighting, so suffice to say things probably could have been really ugly if there weren’t so many people there to break them up.

According to TMZ, at least once source claims that Conor asked MGK for a photo, which the My Bloody Valentine rocker apparently declined. That, in turn, got Conor heated, though one insider merely alleges the fighter “stumbled back and spilled his drink.” Yeah. “Spilled.” Sure. LOLz!

A second source claims Conor was trying to say hello to Kelly when he approached and stuck out his hand. MGK then said something — it’s not clear what — and his security team started pushing Conor away. This second source further claims that Conor was innocent in the whole matter, and still “doesn’t understand what the issue was, and was surprised by how he was treated.” Uh-huh…

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Whatever the case, both men were allowed to proceed into the venue for the VMAs, and the controversy died down from there.

Well, OK, not really…

In an interview after the incident, McGregor appeared keen to want to stoke the fire a little bit. Speaking with ET, the Irishman opted to shade Kelly with an epic Mariah Carey-inspired “I don’t know him” moment, describing on air what happened from his perspective and having some choice words for “little vanilla boy rappers” like Kelly (below):

“Absolutely nothing. I don’t know. He showed up, and I don’t know. I don’t know the guy. Nothing happened with me, I only fight real fighters, people that actually fight, you know what I mean. I certainly don’t fight little vanilla boy rappers. I don’t even know the guy. I don’t know anything about him, except that he’s with Megan Fox.”


Here’s the video of McGregor, proudly rockin’ his bright pink suit, calling out Kelly:


What do U make of this nasty little tussle, Perezcious readers?!

Sound OFF with your take on McGregor vs. Kelly and who’s at fault for escalating this one down in the comments (below)!

[Image via WENN/Avalon]

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