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Naked Woman Found DEAD In Manhattan Apartment Trash Compactor

Naked Woman Found DEAD In Manhattan Apartment Trash Compactor: ‘It’s Bad’

On Friday morning, a New York resident made a horrifying discovery. She was taking out her trash when she saw, crammed in the second-floor trash compactor room of her Manhattan apartment building, a dead, naked woman.

Cheryl quickly dialed 911, and New York Police Department officers dispatched to the building on East 126th Street in Harlem just after 10 a.m., according to a police spokesperson.

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When first responders arrived, they found the victim, believed to have been in her 30s, unresponsive, and EMS quickly pronounced her dead. Interestingly, EMS found there to be no signs of trauma to her body — however, it’s almost certain there’s foul play involved. Investigators still need to explain why she was placed in the trash compactor, why she was naked, and if she was even a resident. The victim’s identification has not been released.

Woman Found Dead In Manhattan Trash Compactor Room

The poor woman who found the body, Cheryl Lago, spoke with ABC7 the same day she made the chilling discovery, telling the news station:

“It’s bad, it’s bad. It’s not a good thing to see, you know, a dead person.”

She added:

“Just lying right there on the floor, I’m sorry for her.”

How utterly traumatizing. Shockingly, though, some other residents weren’t necessarily surprised by the find, as security at the Section 8 housing complex has apparently “always been an issue.” Tenant leader Jim Ratti, who has lived in the building for 40 years, told the outlet:

“It’s always been an issue here. They got people running in and out of here all day long.”

Sure, but… dead and naked??

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The tenant shared that he appreciates the management staff, but security continues to be a major oversight, with many taking refuge in the halls during the nights:

“There’s drugs all over the building, you know, people sleeping in the building. The people who don’t get into the shelter, automatically this is shelter number two.”

So sad. Though obviously until more is known, it’s unclear whether even with better security, this death could have been prevented. According to the NYPD, there were no signs the trash room had been tampered with, but everyone in the building has access to it. See more (below):

Our hearts are with the poor victims’ loved ones, and we hope poor Cheryl can recover from the trauma of her discovery. Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

[Image via Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube]

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