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New Celine Will Blow You Away!!!!

Screw Britney Spears, that trainwreck is gonna derail! The comeback we’re most excited about is that of Celine Dion.
Yes, bitches. We are gay. She’s a diva! We loves us some Celine!
Several Dion insiders have given some exciting news about the pop star’s new album.
Word is that Celine’s new record will be in stores this November, and she’s worked with a very interesting group of songwriters and producers.
Celine has recorded at least one song with Dave Stewart from the Eurythmics. The name of the song is Taking a Chance.
She also worked on three songs with former Evanesence member Ben Moody.
VERY interesting!
R. Kelly also wrote a few songs for Dion’s new album and he’s said to be very excited about it.
And, now for the real shock……
Celine is working with some big R&B producers too, including Ne-Yo and TIMBALAND!!!!
Ne-Yo wrote the song (Irreplaceable) that saved Beyonce‘s last album. And what didn’t Timbaland work on this past year????
The whole project is said to be amazing, with some typical Celine power ballads, some R&B/hip hop songs and some rockers.
This shiz is gonna be off the hook!!!

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Jul 28, 2007 23:01pm PDT

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