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Nick Cordero's Lungs 'Severely Damaged' As The Broadway Star Faces Severe Coronavirus Complications

Nick Cordero Coronavirus Lung Damage Amanda Kloots

What a difference a week makes.

It seems like just days ago we were cautiously optimistic about all the progress Broadway star Nick Cordero had been making in his month-long battle against the novel coronavirus. But now, seemingly within the blink of an eye, dangerous new complications have popped up that have doctors very worried about both his lungs and his bloodstream.

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On Thursday, the 41-year-old actors wife, fitness trainer Amanda Kloots, updated fans about his worsening condition. Taking to Instagram Stories for a series of video updates, Kloots remained as real as ever in keeping fans and followers informed about Nick’s medical progress. In the clip, she singled out his lungs as a particularly troublesome area for doctors right now, stating (below):

“Due to COVID, Nick’s lungs are severely damaged, [doctors say] they look almost like he’s been a smoker for 50 years. They’re that damaged. There are holes in his lungs where obviously you don’t want holes to be. This was found because his oxygen count went down and they went deep down into his lungs. The doctor told me that if Nick was in his 70s we’d be having a different conversation. He’s 41 and he’s been fighting, he’s been fighting really hard. We know. He’s literally been thrown every curve ball that he could be thrown.”

Wow. That must be a really, really powerful, scary thing to hear a doc say in a situation like this… we can’t even imagine.

And to drive the point home, Kloots further reported the doc made it personal, adding:

“[The doctor] told me that if it was his brother in there that he would not be giving up hope, so I’m not giving up hope. I am not giving up hope.”

Neither are we!


From lung issues to internal bleeding…

Cordero’s valiant month-long fight against COVID-19 has caught the attention of media outlets all over the country, and on Thursday morning, daytime mainstay CBS This Morning interviewed Amanda virtually for further updates about her high-profile husband.

Speaking to anchor Gayle King in a video chat on Thursday, Kloots remained her ever-optimistic self but also told the ugly truth, revealing further health complications:

“Today [Thursday] was supposed to be putting in a trach [breathing tube] and a feeding tube. Unfortunately, this morning, his blood count was really, really low. Low blood count can mean that he’s internally bleeding from somewhere, so now we have to wait.”

The possibility of internal bleeding marks another complication in what has been a tough week for the Waitress actor.

After so much improvement towards the middle and end of April, things have again taken a turn in the last few days — and Kloots perfectly summed up the difficult, emotional reactions that come with that roller coaster ride:

“He started to get better, and we had plans to take him off the ventilator, and then I get a phone call that he got an infection. His pulse, gone, and they had to resuscitate his heart… The call that morning was supposed to be, ‘We’re taking him off the ventilator today because he’s doing so well.'”


You can watch her full interview with King (below):

As tough as this week has been, we’re still holding out hope for the Tony-nominated actor.

He’s now been in the hospital for more than a month — and in a medically-induced coma for several weeks — but he’s fighting back like mad against the coronavirus and we’re optimistic that will continue.

Sending all our love and light to Amanda, Nick, and the rest of his family, friends, and loved ones during this dark hour!

[Image via Amanda Kloots/Instagram.]

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