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Nick Lachey Threw A SUPER Shady Diss At Jessica Simpson During The Love Is Blind Reunion Special!

Nick Lachey Seemingly Threw A SUPER Shady Diss At Jessica Simpson During The Love Is Blind Reunion Special!

Nick Lachey WENT THERE! As you probably know, the former 98 Degrees singer has been hosting the hit dating show Love Is Blind on Netflix alongside his wife, Vanessa Minnillo Lachey. His second wife, we should say.

Of course, Nick was formerly married to pop star Jessica Simpson waaaaay back in the day. The four-year marriage ended in 2006 after some very public issues on their own very different reality show, Newlyweds.

This week, the reunion special for the third season of Love Is Blind dropped, complete with new accusations and unseen fights between lovers. But there was something else on the new episode, too! Nick & Jessica drama!

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At one point in the episode, Matt Bolton sat down to talk to Nick and Vanessa about his experience on the show. The Texan started to discuss his previous marriage, years before — he was married just out of high school nearly a decade ago. Nick responded to the talk of ex-wives by tossing off this jaw-dropping quip:

“Hey, marriage is always better the second time around, right?”

Nick then went to fist bump the aerospace industry exec, who replied:

“Cheers, bud.”


Thus far, it seems like the “second time around” has worked out for both Nick and Matt. Lachey tied the knot with Vanessa in 2011, and the duo is still going strong. The only drama really is when Jessica comes up in conversation

Meanwhile, Matt and fellow Love Is Blind contestant Colleen Reed have been making things work on their end after the show. So that’s good, we guess.

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The boy band singer’s super shady reference to failed first marriages did NOT sit well with fans. Viewers quickly picked up on Nick’s dig at the With You singer. And they weren’t shy about sharing their opinions on the diss!

Here are just a few of the Twitter reactions calling out Nick for the comment:

“Nick Lachey DID NOT just say ‘hey marriage is always better the second time, right?’ Oh my God.”

“Jessica Simpson was spot on in her book about him. He still needs to grow up.”

“Nick Lachey is a loser. So is his wife.”

“Dang Nick Lachey fist bumping the dude with punchable face syndrome and saying marriage is better second time around, right bro? The Jessica Simpson shade out of nowhere. … How many years ago were they together? She still on his mind bc she a billionaire”

“I am absolutely disgusted by @NickLachey saying ‘better the second time’ on #LoveisBlindS3 reunion. The shade is gross.. and is a [sic] awful thing to promote..”

“say what you will about love is blind season 3 but nick lachey did not have to bring jessica simpson into this”

“I’m sorry but did nick lachey just fist pump Matt saying ‘always better the second time around’ as a dig to Jessica Simpson? Felt icky!”

“nick lachey is sooo f**king weird ‘iTs aLwAyS bEtTeR tHe SeCoNd TiMe’ shut the f**k up about miss Jessica f**king simpson!!!!!!!!!”

“Nick Lachey bumping fists with Matt about his first marriage to Jessica Simpson did not sit well with me.”


Intense reactions! They’re not wrong, tho. It’s been 15 YEARS since the Newlyweds stars split up! Get over it already, Nick!!

BTW, if you haven’t yet tuned into the Love Is Blind reunion episode after its release on Wednesday, you can re-live the trailer from its drop a few days ago (below):

So much drama on the series this season! And Nick felt like it was the perfect time to add a little more?!?!

What do y’all think about this shade, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

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