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Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star, & More YouTubers React To Nikki Phillippi Euthanizing Her 'Aggressive' Dog: 'Makes Me SICK'

nikki phillippi : jeffree star and other youtubers condemn getting dog euthanized

The backlash over Nikki Phillippi’s controversial video continues.

As we previously reported, the YouTuber and her husband Dan Phillippi announced on Monday that they had their dog put down for “aggressive” behavior. The decision came after the Bull Terrier, Bowser, attacked their young son Logan, which was apparently the last straw after several other incidents. The couple faced immediate backlash from fans, questioning why Bowser was put down instead of re-homed, but the lifestyle vlogger claimed that they were told it would be impossible.

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The excuses given weren’t good enough for the vlog community, many of whom have strongly condemned Bowser’s death. Beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill wrote on Twitter:

“I have a very temperamental dog. He bites people when he feels nervous, unsafe or if you try to touch him when he doesn’t want to be… I know these things because im his OWNER. Therefore I make sure he’s not in situations where he will react… I don’t kill him!”

She added:

“You guys know I pretty much never insert myself in ‘drama’ especially on a special day like today! (launch day) But I’m just too disgusted. Especially by the ‘goodbye photo shoot’ like WHAT!?”

Jeffree Star, himself a controversial Internet figure, replied to Jaclyn’s tweet:

“Exactly. I’m so disappointed that they even chose to share this information with everyone, but they are a master manipulator so not surprised. Our dogs are our FAMILY and I can’t believe they chose this.”

He also tweeted:

“It’s hard to fathom how someone could kill their own family dog and make content out of it. They need to be investigated. As a dog owner who’s animals are my LIFE, this is hard to wrap my head around

The pair have since set their Instagram profiles to private, but that didn’t stop people from resurfacing an upsetting video where Dan seems to taunt Bowser with their other dog.

Actress and vlogger Meghan Rienks was among those outraged by the resurfaced clip, and shared this disturbing thought:

“i’m not going to watch the nikki phillippi video- but can someone tell me if they showed ‘proof’ that the dog was euthanized? i’m having a hard time believing a vet would do that; and a way easier time believing they murdered him at home”

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Lauren Riihimaki, AKA “laurDIY” filmed her own video, shared among many members of the community, that addressed the issue. She added on Twitter:

“As a dog lover and bull terrier owner, I refuse to stay silent about this and let an irresponsible dog owner use their massive platform to publicly share their disgusting decision that did NOT need to happen.”

Controversial doesn’t even begin to cover the Phillippi’s decision. We imagine it would be really hard for their brand to come back from such strong condemnation from the YouTube community. We will definitely be keeping an eye on this situation as it unfolds.

Check out some more responses from Chris Klemens, Def Noodles, and more:

[Image via WENN/Avalon & Nikki Phillippi/YouTube]

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