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Offset Cops To Lying About Cardi B's Supposed Cheating -- And Blames His Bogus Claims On WHAT?!

Offset Cops To Lying About Cardi B's Supposed Cheating -- And Blames His Bogus Claims On WHAT?!

Cardi B may be a lot of things, but she ain’t a cheater! And Offset knows that for CERTAIN!

As Perezcious readers will no doubt recall, back in June, the Migos rapper accused his wife of cheating on him in a quickly-deleted social media post. As soon as Offset hit publish on that jaw-dropping accusation, the gossip world went wild with wonder about what might have happened. And Cardi pushed back HARD at the allegation. But now we know it didn’t go down like we thought it did! And we know why!

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On Monday, radio host Angela Yee released the latest episode of her podcast Way Up With Angela Yee. Her guest for the 1-on-1 convo was none other than the Migos man himself. And when Angela straight-up asked about his Cardi cheating claims, Offset came clean in admitting he made it all up!!

First, Offset said he and Cardi had been arguing at the time he made the since-deleted Instagram Stories post. Calling the Bodak Yellow rapper “a pit bull at the mouth,” he said:

“So, that post, to be honest, me and her, that’s my wife. I love her to death. We’re going back and forth, and if you’ve got a New York woman, she’s a pit bull at the mouth. She gets crazy at the mouth. She was on something.”

Offset admitted that he was “on something,” too. As in, tequila!

The rapper copped to having consumed “a little” Casamigos tequila during their spat before deciding to make that ill-advised cheating post that set the world aflame:

“And I was lit that night. I was really lit. I had a little Casamigos, you know. I was lit, and we were going back and forth, and I was like, ‘watch this.’ She’s got a crazy mouth. But I love my wife at the end of the day. She’s crazy, man. But we’re crazy for each other.”


Yee then asked why the Bad and Boujee performer chose to delete the post so quickly. And also why he never admitted publicly afterwards that he’d made up the entire cheating accusation, since that’s what he was coming clean about now — more than a month later.

The 31-year-old rapper explained that the “delete is enough” to let people know they need to drop the issue:

“The delete is enough because at the end of the day them people don’t be really knowing what’s going on with us, for real. They’re always attacking. It’ll be straight lies or something, they’re just attacking. And to be honest, I hate the fact that every time she has an issue with somebody else, they bring me up, or bring my past up. My past will be covering up all I did. All this time, I ain’t did nothing.”


Speaking of his past personal issues, Offset also used Monday to address his own (very real) infidelity years ago right after he first married Cardi in 2017. Copping to cheating on her back in the day, the Without Warning rapper explained:

“When I did do that, I was in a different space. I was young. I had just got married. I’m getting a lot of money.”

Well, at least he’s owning up to it?

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You can see the full exchange clearing up Offset’s wayward accusations (below):

So that’s how it really went down then, huh? An argument, some tequila, and a phony social media shocker!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Way Up With Angela Yee/YouTube]

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