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Pamela Anderson Reveals Her Feelings On Tommy Lee's Marriage To Brittany Furlan!

Pamela Anderson Reveals Her Feelings On Tommy Lee's Marriage To Brittany Furlan!

Legendary rocker Tommy Lee is happily married to wife Brittany Furlan… and his ex has thoughts!

Yes, we’re referring to Pamela Anderson. The author of the forthcoming memoir Love, Pamela has been doing the media rounds lately to talk about the process of writing it, as well as some of the details behind her fascinating life under the microscope of pop culture. And she opened up about all of that this week on Howard Stern‘s radio show!!

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On Wednesday, the Canadian-born actress and model sat down with Stern and co-host Robin Quivers to chat on SiriusXM‘s Howard Stern Show. The 55-year-old media personality was very candid during the talk. For one, she explained how her book came together.

“I’ve always been a writer,” she told the hosts as she went through some details about her process on the show. Anderson also revealed that she gained 25 pounds while writing the book — only to lose it all as soon as it was finished:

“It was crazy, but I had a physical reaction to telling my story. It was almost like I was hanging onto something … it was some kind of protection.”


That IS crazy! Something therapeutic about putting it all down on paper, we suppose. And in a few days, when it’s released to the world next Tuesday, we will read all about it!

But the most interesting angle from Stern’s radio show was Pam’s take on the Lee-Furlan alliance. Of course, the rock-and-roll drummer wed the ex Vine (R.I.P.) turned TikTok star back in 2019. And they seem to be rolling along ever since!

When Howard asked about Pamela’s view on the couple, she gave a glowing and mature perspective:

“He’s married and happy and she’s good to him and I totally support that and think that’s great. I respect their relationship and just glad he’s happy and he has somebody in his life.”

Very nice to hear!!

It was definitely topical for the radio show, though, because Pam got real about her former relationship with the rocker. As you might expect, Tommy is a BIG part of her to-be-released memoir. She wrote all about the intense, undying love and adoration she had for Lee before they divorced in 1998. So Stern wasn’t going to shy away from asking about it!!

When he queried about that relationship and its downfall, Anderson candidly explained:

“I don’t think I ever gave myself a chance to have another relationship after that that was of any value, you know, it was more like trying to put a family unit back together, but I wasn’t really in love. I just was going through the motions and then realizing … there’s just nothing like I had with Tommy … I was putting people in my life to kind of numb some of the pain and be with someone … but nothing healthy.”

Damn! Considering she’s had some, um, very ill-fated marriages in the decades since, we understand that take. And yes, we’re talking about Kid Rock (among others). Howard asked about Pam’s former love with the Michigan-born bad boy, and she admitted knowing it was all wrong “right when I got married” to him back in 2006.


Anderson said:

“I just jumped into something because, you know, Tommy and I did, and we had this incredible connection. But then you jump into something and it’s like, ‘oh, it’s not this incredible connection, it’s just something else. Then I slowly try to make my way out.”

But it sounds like Pam has made peace with things now. Both for Tommy Lee’s sake, with his marriage to Furlan, and for her own good, too.

Anderson optimistically delivered this conclusion on the SiriusXM show on Wednesday, telling the shock jock:

“This last year I’ve been alone, and it’s been a really incredible year for me. Just kind of going through, looking back, and reflecting on everything … it’s been good. I mean, like you have to be able to be alone too before you can be with somebody else, so I feel like I’m just kind of growing up right now. It’s taken a long time.”

Pam’s at a good point in her life and she’s wishing the best for her ex and his new(ish) bride, too. Snaps and claps for a healthy take on it!

You can see more of that exchange with Stern (below):

So there!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Brittany Furlan Lee/Instagram/The Howard Stern Show/YouTube]

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