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Chatting With... Wilmer Valderrama (Part 2)! Talking Demi, Lindsay, Mandy, Stern, Jonas And MORE!

This is where we get to the good stuff!
We recently sat down with Wilmer Valderrama to talk about all his new projects AND….
We asked him about his ex-girlfriend Demi Lovato. About his other ex Lindsay Lohan. About his other ex Mandy Moore. About Howard Stern. About Joe Jonas.
And much more!!!
We asked the tough questions!
Read some highlights from our chat…. after the jump!
And watch part 2 of our interview with Wilmer in full (above)!

Perez: You recently were dating Demi Lovato.
Wilmer: Demi and I have been —
Perez: There’s photos of you making out in public. You can’t deny it.
Wilmer: [Watch above.]
Perez: I have to ask the real questions though Wilmer.
Wilmer: No, no listen. I —
Perez: She’s 19, and at the time you were 31.
Wilmer: Yeah.
Perez: What does a 19 year old have to do dating a 31 year old? What is a 31 year old doing dating a 19 year old?
Wilmer: [Watch above.]
Perez: Well you were really there for her too. She was going through her stuff.
Wilmer: Yeah, and we were really just best friends. And to be honest, I couldn’t be more proud of her. I’m —
Perez: She’s a lovely girl, I love her.
Wilmer: She’s amazing, she’s a great human being. And I’m so proud of her considering all of the different obstacles and everything she’s been through. I mean, she’s got a pretty good head. Like I obviously — like she said, it’s going to be a struggle every day. But I was very proud to be there for her when she needed me, and she was there for me a number of times too. And we have a great friendship and yeah.
Perez: You’re still on good terms?
Wilmer: [Watch above.]
Perez: I saved the best for last, right?
Wilmer: Of course, of course.
Perez: At your birthday party, there was one of your ex girlfriends there Mandy Moore.
Wilmer: Yeah, Mandy and I are also super close friends. I mean, we’ve been —
Perez: Even after that whole Howard Stern incident.
Wilmer: Well that was [watch above].
Perez: And who you are is someone who can be friends with their ex girlfriends.
Wilmer: Yeah, I mean —
Perez: Because a lot of people have no desire to be friends with people they’ve dated in the past.
Wilmer: Yeah. You know I look at it like this man. If you loved once, and if you cared once, you never really stop. And if you build a true foundation, a true friendship, that never really goes away. And I think it’s important. I mean, it’s for all the young people out there getting into relationships. You know get into the relationship for the right reason because it’s a great support system, because it’s a great compliment to your life, because it’s someone that actually fulfills you and makes you happy. Because when it ends, at the very least you could say, you did absolutely everything possible to make something work, and you can have that peace of mind. And that’s only when you’re always able to be good friends with these people that were so special to you at that very moment in your life.
Perez: Well what about Lindsey Lohan? That was now — are you in touch with her? Is she someone that you’re on friendly terms with or —
Wilmer: [Watch above.]
Perez: That means, no you’re not.
Wilmer: [Watch above.]
Perez: She seems to be doing better now.
Wilmer: I think [watch above.]
Perez: Yeah, people love a comeback. Yeah. They love you build you up, tear you down, build you up. It’s like a cycle.
Wilmer: And it’s part of that cycle.
Perez: And Wilmer is not only friends with his ex’s, he’s friends with the ex’s of his ex’s. At your Vegas birthday party was Joe Jonas.
Wilmer: Yeah, he [watch above].
Perez: You and Joe Jonas are friends?
Wilmer: [Watch above.]
Perez: You were on Laura Prepon’s show recently, your former “70’s show” costar. Good for her.
Wilmer: She is killing her. I mean, I’m clearly proud of her.
Perez: That whole cast really, it’s been, it was an amazing cast.
Wilmer: Yeah, we got lucky. I think that, I think that Tom Warner made a really, Tom Warner, and Marcy Carson, Bonnie and Terry Turner are the creators and the producer of the “70’s Show”.
Perez: And “Roseanne”.
Wilmer: “Roseanne” —
Perez: Lots of shows.
Wilmer: “Cybil”, “3rd Rock from the Sun” and all that. And they gave us some amazing advice. They said, “Save your money”.
Perez: Good advice.
Wilmer: And, “Number one, realize you have time for everything.”
Perez: So last question. You know you’ve done so much. Is there anything that you haven’t done yet that you want to do?
Wilmer: Yeah, yeah.
Perez: Yeah? Like what?
Wilmer: I —
Perez: What about a Eduardo Fresco releasing an album?
Wilmer: I was just about to tell you that.
Perez: Really?
Wilmer: Yes, I was just about to tell you that. As you guys, some of you guys know, I am Perez; Perez’s fans definitely experienced the laugh of Eduardo Fresco at one point. You know I had —
Perez: The alter ego.
Wilmer: — the pleasure of talking to Perez before I did any of this. And it was music is something that has been really a, really part of my life, my whole life. I’ve been singing and dancing since I was six years old, but acting just evolved faster than. And I’m excited to visit that arena, and do some music.
Perez: So it’s getting more in the comedy vein though? I mean, as that character?
Wilmer: I said I was, I was, as I was embracing Eduardo Fresco and this character who has a music video out and all that. And I going to probably release a few more songs as Eduardo Fresco, I have some in the pan that are really fun, and funny. I also wanted to do some stuff that I could do serious, and so I could tell some (inaudible).
Perez: I think, I have a lane for you. You should be starting off doing Spanish language stuff —
Wilmer: I agreed.
Perez: And it could be like that Prince Royce/Romeo Santos lane.
Wilmer: Yes, yes. I mean —
Perez: That lane would be good.
Wilmer: Yeah you’re hitting on it now.
Perez: And he’s loving and it’s like —
Wilmer: Yeah, you hit it on the head, on the nail.
Perez: — I don’t think you should be trying to do dance or urban stuff. I think you should be like —
Wilmer: No, no, that’s too easy.
Perez: — Prince Royce/Romeo Santos, that lane.
Wilmer: And you know what, I’m a —
Perez: I’m the idea man.
Wilmer: Honestly that’s a — you have great advice.
Perez: It is.
Wilmer: But I’m thinking that, that’s a, that’s something I really want to embrace. And when it comes to the music, I’m talking to some amazing people like — you know ran a bunch of stuff by, you know by Enrique, and by Ricky Martin, and everybody. And they’re really supportive and all that. And then we’re saying again, they’re also really important to me too.
Perez: Yeah very cool.
Wilmer: But I think you’re right. I mean, and for me that’s the exclusive I can give you guys here is that.
Perez: There you go.
Wilmer: Is that —
Perez: Be on the lookout everybody!!
Wilmer: Yeah, be on the lookout. And you’ll definitely probably see here it on Perez first. That’s for sure.
Perez: Yeah. Well thank you.
Wilmer: Thank you.
Perez: Bye bye.

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