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'I F**king Hate You': Phoebe Bridgers Blasts Fans Who 'Bullied' Her At Airport

Phoebe Bridgers Blasts Fans Who 'Bullied' Her At Airport

Phoebe Bridgers is calling out some of her own fans after they crossed the line with her at an airport.

The 28-year-old, along with fellow indie icons Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus, spoke with Them magazine ahead of their supergroup Boygenius‘ debut album release Friday — and Phoebe in particular had a lot to say!

As we’re sure you remember, earlier this year there was a huge scandal involving the Motion Sickness singer and her then-fiancé Paul Mescal when she was caught getting a little too cozy with stand-up comedian Bo Burnham. The internet went up in flames when sources dished to DeuxMoi at the time the engagement was off due to Phoebe’s affair with the Welcome To The Internet musician. It was a huge mess for the longest time! And according to the songstress, it affected her a lot.

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The outlet noted the musician’s sudden rise to stardom has caused a lot of problems for her, including how “when she goes through LAX, she’s tracked by paparazzi, and online fans rabidly tear apart whoever walks alongside her, speculating about her romantic attachments.” Yeah, that’s definitely a reference to her alleged affair — the first pics of them that came out were in an airport. Oof.

Phoebe is aware her fanbase is “younger” and she wants to “protect” them and “be empathetic,” but after the cheating rumors began circulating, she says, things just became too much. She told the publication:

“I’m coming from a place of literally — I’m feeling it in my body as I’m saying it, but — people with my picture as their Twitter picture, who claim to like my music, f**king bullied me at the airport on the way to my father’s funeral this year.”

They did WHAT?? So sad…

The indie musician lost her father earlier this year. They shared an estranged relationship, only reconnecting a few years ago during the pandemic. It’s so awful she was chastised for these rumors while she was on her way to his funeral. There’s a time and place for everything, and that definitely wasn’t the right time for relationship criticism! Maybe the fans didn’t know the context of what she was going through, but well, that’s the point isn’t it? They don’t actually know her!

After her emotional statement, the Scott Street singer stopped, but Julien and Lucy urged her to continue and get her feelings out in the open. She went on to say:

“If you’re a kid and the internet somehow taught you that that’s an okay thing to do, then of course I hate capitalism and everything that led you to believe that it’s okay to do that. I, at one of the lowest points of my life, saw people who claim to love me f**king dehumanize and shame me and f**king bully me on the way to my dad’s wake.”

Just heartbreaking. We can’t imagine how hard it must’ve been, especially since these people were supposed to be her fans! Phoebe finished up her venting by expressing her true feelings about the ones who “bullied” her:

“I f**king hate you. And I hope you grow the f**k up.”


The Grammy nominee doesn’t think they represent all her fans, though, and reassured everyone there are those who remind her why she wants to pursue a career in music in the first place. And ever since Boygenius formed in 2018, she’s had her friends to help her work through her emotions and navigate the hard times along the way. Lucy supported her during the interview, saying:

“It’s abuse. We’ve talked about this to ourselves, but I’m glad you’re gonna say it to people who actually need to hear it.”

We hope Phoebe is doing better now, all things considered. Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via MSNBC/YouTube]

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