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Jelly Roll Quit Social Media After ‘Being Bullied’ About His Weight, Says Wife Bunnie Xo

Jelly Roll Had To Ditch Social Media After ‘Being Bullied’ About His Weight, Says Wife Bunnie Xo

Jelly Roll has left social media… All because trolls won’t stop bullying him about his weight!

In a clip for Wednesday’s episode of Bunnie Xo’s Dumb Blonde podcast, the model got candid while talking about her country star husband’s mental health in the wake of nasty online comments.

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Apparently it got so bad, he had to retreat from the internet! She explained:

“My husband got off the internet because he is so tired of being bullied about his f**king weight.”

That’s so sad!! The 44-year-old continued:

“That makes me want to cry because he is the sweetest angel baby. My husband doesn’t show it to you guys, but I’m going to have a very vulnerable moment here. It hurts him. The internet can say whatever the f**k they want about you, and they say, ‘Well, you’re a celebrity, you’re supposed to be able to handle it.’ No the f**k we’re not.”

Bunnie pleaded to her listeners to remember that people could be going through much more mentally than they show:

“Do you know how many people kill themselves a year from being bullied…? Enough is enough. Don’t bully people because you never know where they are mentally.”

Seriously! Poor Jelly Roll. Especially since he recently shed a bunch of weight! Earlier this month, he revealed to People that he’d lost over 70 pounds. He gushed:

“I’ve been really kicking ass, man. I’m doing two to three miles a day, four to six days a week. I’m doing 20 to 30 minutes in the sauna, six minutes in a cold plunge every day. I’m eating healthy right now.”

He’s been really trying, so it must be really discouraging to see the incessant bullying!

What are your thoughts?? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via Bunnie Xo/Instagram & MEGA/WENN]

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