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Sorry, WHAT! Rachel Leviss Says She Misses ‘Everyone’ From Vanderpump Rules Except For THIS Person!

Sorry WHAT! Rachel Leviss Says She Misses ‘Everyone’ From Vanderpump Rules’ Except For THIS Person!

Vanderpump Rules fans, your jaws are about to be on the floor over the latest comments from Rachel Leviss! The former reality star says she feels nostalgic for her co-stars! Well, all except one person!

During Tuesday’s new episode of her Rachel Goes Rogue podcast, Rachel shockingly claimed she misses her friendship “with all” of her castmates “in a strange way.” WHAT?!?! Scheana Shay, of course, is the first person she brings up. They were close for years — until the former pageant queen blew up her own life by having a months-long affair with then-best-friend Ariana Madix‘s boyfriend, Tom Sandoval! Oh, and she took out a restraining order against Scheana for allegedly punching her over the scandal!

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The Bravolebrity didn’t seem to care much about the Scheananigans podcast host before when she was throwing shade at her a couple of months ago! But now, more than a year after Scandoval, Rachel hates how things turned out with Scheana all of a sudden?! Seriously? She said:

“I can say, sincerely, I do miss my friendship with Scheana, just traveling to San Diego, and hanging out with her and her daughter, and talking, and hanging out and having fun. I do miss that friendship.”

If you didn’t mess around with Scheana’s (now former???) best friend’s boyfriend, you would still have that friendship. Just saying! She has no one but herself to blame for no longer having the Good As Gold singer in her life! Granted, who knows where Scheana’s loyalties lie anymore? She pretty much turned against Ariana by growing closer to Tom again, so who is to say she and Rachel rekindling their friendship after these comments won’t happen? Crazier things have happened! And Scheana isn’t the only person Rachel talked about…

Despite their rocky relationship, Rachel says she even misses Lala Kent. Wow! She expressed:

“Heck, I even miss Lala. I miss Lala’s feisty energy. Thinking back on some of the interactions, our most heated moments, I think there’s part of me now that understands Lala a lot more after experiencing this entire scandal. I have an appreciation for Lala.”

Considering how the last season of VPR went down, Rachel may have a shot at a friendship with Lala now! The mom of two is already on the outs with Ariana and Katie Maloney! Speaking of the latter…

The former SUR waitress even mentioned Katie on the podcast episode. And guess what? She actually misses her, too! Rachel explained:

“Even Katie, there was a moment for Katie and I back when James brought us all to Palm Springs for our surprise engagement, and Katie and I had a good moment in the pool. That could have been a good friendship too.”

First of all, Katie is Team Ariana all the way! So it’s safe to say she doesn’t miss Rachel back! And after making out with her ex-husband Tom Schwartz when she explicitly asked for no dating in the friend group? There was never a chance for the two of them to have a “good friendship!” No way! Ultimately, Rachel feels the reason her relationship with Katie and others never happened was because she “did not prioritize those friendships.” Hmm.

The only person she is glad is out of her life for good, though? Her ex-fiancé James Kennedy.

Ha! She concluded:

“I think I miss everyone except for James.”


Rachel didn’t mention Sandoval, Ariana, or Schwartz. But given she said she missed being pals “with all” her former co-stars, we can assume they are oddly included. Even though she is currently suing both of them for revenge porn because a sex tape she and Sandoval made found its way to Ariana, outing their affair…

We guess Rachel regrets burning all those bridges now. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised that Rachel misses her former VPR castmates? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Bravo/Peacock/YouTube]

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