Ryan Edwards Leaves Rehab Early — Will It Cost Him His Marriage??

Throughout Ryan Edwards‘ struggle with drugs, his wife Mackenzie has been his rock.

But you screw up enough times, even rocks will get up and walk away.

According to a new report from RadarOnline, Ryan has checked out of rehab over a month before his planned 90-day stay, which began near the start of October, was complete.

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Surprisingly enough, Mackenzie was in on the escape, even missing Thanksgiving dinner to get her man!

A source spilled:

“She left early in the morning on Thanksgiving and missed dinner with her family. She flew with the baby to get Ryan. They’re back home now.”

So why is she willing to back Ryan on leaving rehab early? According to this source, it’s with a powerful ultimatum on the line:

“If he relapses again, she’s going to file for divorce.”


“She’s serious. She doesn’t want to continue to be with someone who doesn’t help himself.”

That sounds serious to us! Time will tell if he stays better to his word than he has in the past.

So… now that he’s out is he going to be back on Teen Mom?? The source says:

“They’re unsure about if he’ll actually film. She wants their image to look better than what the show has portrayed in the past.”

Yeah, well. That’s on Ryan, isn’t it?

Do YOU think he’ll stay clean??

[Image via MTV/YouTube.]

Nov 26, 2018 12:50pm PST

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