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Whoa! Domestic Abuse Restraining Orders Against Seeking Sister Wife Stars Dissolved By Judge

Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri and Ashley Snowden have the restraining orders against them lifted by a judge!

Mark this a surprising turn in the ongoing saga.

On Wednesday, a judge dissolved the restraining orders placed against Seeking Sister Wife stars Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley Snowden after the magistrate determined that accuser Christeline Petersen did not meet the burden of proof to set the orders in the first place.

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According to TMZ, who first published the news on Wednesday afternoon, Dimitri appeared in court earlier that day to contest the order, which had first been granted to Petersen days ago.

As we reported, Petersen — who is from South Africa — appears on season 3 of the hit TLC reality show in order to pursue a relationship with Dimitri which originally began online. In a filing earlier this week, though, Petersen alleged she’d been the victim of domestic and s*xual abuse at the hands of the show’s star, including accusations that she’d been choked against her will and had her head slammed into a headboard during s*x.

In addition to that, Christeline maintained her children were afraid for their lives around him, as well.

Wednesday’s judge didn’t see things that way, though, and tossed the case after dissolving the temporary restraining order against the Snowdens. At issue was the fact that, according to TMZ, Dimitri shared text messages with the court that purported to show Petersen consented to being choked during s*x. That was apparently the key to getting the restraining order lifted, because the South African had alleged in her initial accusation that the choking was not consensual but rather violent and unwanted.

The judge tossed the restraining order Petersen had filed against Snowden’s wife, Ashley, as well. As you’ll recall, Dimitri’s wife had been accused of physical abuse and creating a fearful environment for Petersen’s children — including one alleged event where she reportedly shoved Petersen and wouldn’t allow her to leave the family’s home.

But the judge determined it wasn’t clear which party was telling the truth in any of these allegations, and opted to toss out the cases altogether.

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For the Snowdens, both have been relatively quiet on social media as of late. Neither one has publicly addressed this legal issue as of Thursday morning.

Dimitri did wish Ashley a happy birthday earlier this week (below), but that’s about it for public comment from them:

At this point, it’s unclear what may come next for Petersen in the legal realm — if anything — after these restraining orders were cut down so quickly.

As always, we’ll keep you posted as this situation continues to unfold.

[Image via TLC/YouTube]

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