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Shakira Allegedly ATTACKED By Gerard Piqué’s Mother -- Who Helped Cover Up The Affair!

Shakira Allegedly Physically Assaulted By Gerard Piqué’s Mother – Who Helped Cover Up Son’s Affair!

We thought things between Shakira and Gerard Piqué were messy but just wait until you hear how complicated things are with his mother Montserrat Bernabeu!

According to Spanish outlet El Popular last Sunday, the soccer star’s mother helped him cover up his affair with Clara Chia Marti! WHAT?! Journalist Laura Fa told the outlet:

“Everything is because when the relationship between Piqué and Clara Chía began, they took refuge in a house that Piqué’s parents have in Cabrils (Spain). While Shakira cried on her mother-in-law’s shoulder, she was an accomplice in hiding this new relationship.”

Damn! That’s messed up!

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No wonder Shakira has been coming for Montserrat in her diss tracks. They have some real beef! And it might get worse…

According to the outlet, an insider — supposedly someone close to the Piqué-Mebarak family — witnessed the 60-year-old doctor ATTACKING the Hips Don’t Lie artist! It’s unclear exactly when this incident occurred, but during an alleged serious argument, “Bernabeu punched Shakira in the face in front of Gerard and his children.”


At this time, neither Shakira nor Gerard’s teams have commented on this harrowing rumor. Whether or not it is true, it does feed into fans’ suspicions that things between the two women have been tense for quite some time.

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Amid the affair drama, a resurfaced video went viral in which Montserrat appears to squeeze Shakira’s left cheek in an attempt to get her to quiet down amid a conversation with the athlete. The singer’s back was to the camera, so it’s unclear how she felt at the moment, but it sure looked nasty!

After the co-parents of sons Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, split last summer, the Zootopia alum then placed a witch statue on her balcony facing her mother-in-law’s home in retaliation. (While the couple was never married, they were together for 11 years, so Piqué’s parents were practically family.) As we all know, the songwriter first discovered her man was being unfaithful when she found her jam had been eaten (even though no one else in the family liked it). But according to El Popular, to confirm her worst fears, Shakira reportedly hired a private investigator to spy on her ex and verify he really was seeing someone else. The sleuth then discovered Gerard had been hanging out at the club where his new young girlfriend worked. And the rest is history…

How brutal to discover such a heartbreaking thing only to realize Gerard’s entire family was in on it! No wonder Shakira has so much rage to get off her chest!! Thoughts?! Do you believe these latest claims? Let us know (below)!

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube & Gerard Piqué/Instagram]

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