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Shakira Faces Wrath Of Her Ex Mother-In-Law In Shocking Resurfaced Video Amid Gerard Piqué Split!

Shakira Faces Wrath Of Mother-In-Law In Shocking Resurfaced Video Amid Gerard Piqué Split!

Things between Shakira and Gerard Piqué may have just turned really sour, but it looks like the Colombian songstress has been battling it out with her mother-in-law for much longer!

This week, a resurfaced video of the former couple (who were never married but together for 11 years) and Gerard’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, has gone viral – and it paints a very bleak picture of what life was *maybe* like for Shakira in the relationship!

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The video begins with Montserrat’s hand squishing Shakira’s left cheek — as if she was trying to literally make Shakira shut the f**k up! She then let go and placed her finger to her lips, again signaling for the pop star to quiet down. Gerard was nearby, but he didn’t intervene. Since Shakira’s back was to the camera, it’s hard to tell what was going on from her POV — was she upset? Hurt? Scared? Maybe it was nothing serious? In the clip, the Grammy winner simply readjusted her jacket and seemingly continued to listen to whatever her partner’s mother had to say without protest. But, damn, it sure looked intense!!

Take a look at the viral video (below)!

It’s unclear when the video was initially taken, but fans have had a very strong reaction to it. One user wrote:

“This evil being always gave me a bad feeling. Poor @shakira opened your eyes.”

Another user pointed out:

“The fact that Shakira does not react with evasion suggests that it was not the first time that the mother-in-law treated her like this”

Someone else speculated the incident was after an event in which Shakira was dressed inappropriately, at least in her mother-in-law’s opinion, saying:

“That scene [the photo below] is when this happened. Because she was not wearing a bra and Piqué was annoyed that she was scantily clad, danced provocatively or with men. Shak said as much in an interview. That’s why the mother-in-law makes her put on the jacket and looks so upset. F**k how controlling they are”

Either way, it’s definitely a bad look for the soccer star’s momma! Who, before all this breakup drama, was said to have had a good relationship with her son’s partner — but maybe that wasn’t the full truth?

As Perezcious readers know, the Hips Don’t Lie vocalist has set Montserrat in her sights ever since splitting from Gerard last summer after he allegedly cheated on her with his new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti. Just weeks ago, the 45-year-old Zootopia alum released a new track attacking her ex, Clara, and her mother-in-law titled BZRP Music Sessions #53. In it, she sings:

“You left me my mother-in-law as my neighbor / Media outlets at my door and in debt with the government.”

Shaki is reportedly planning to move to Miami with her sons, Sasha and Milan, but it has been put on pause due to her father’s health. Meaning she’s still stuck in Barcelona… living right next to her ex’s mom!! Brutal!

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According to reports, she’s been making the most of the close proximity to throw shade the woman’s way. After the diss track dropped, Shakira was reportedly blasting the song on repeat for her mother-in-law to hear. And even more hilariously, she set up a witch on her balcony pointing right at the 60-year-old’s home! OMG! Take a look:

So petty!

According to the Spanish program Más Vale Tarde, journalist Marc Leirado Millan said Montserrat has tried talking to Shakira’s employees to have her turn the witch around, so it’s not looking directly at her house, but the creepy statue remains in place. Shakira isn’t going to back down so easily!

A new report from the local magazine Lecturas out on Wednesday, as reported on by Marca, even claimed the mother is “devastated” by the couple’s split, especially since it has affected her relationship with her grandchildren, who used to spend lots of time at her house to do their homework, have dinner, and hangout amid their parent’s busy schedules. The magazine reportedly even claims that Montserrat tried to get the parties to reconcile amid the cheating scandal, but alas, it didn’t work. That said, Gerard has supposedly been photographed with his new partner, whom he just went IG official with, and his parents, so, obviously, Montserrat is always going to be on her son’s side, no matter how traumatized by the breakup she claims to be. If she was really so upset by the split, perhaps she’d try harder to convince her son what he (reportedly) did to Shakira was pretty messed up!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?! Do you think this resurfaced video is concerning? Let us know your theories (below)!

[Image via The Tonight Show/YouTube & Gerard Piqué/Instagram]

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